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Hello, its me again.Last time i posted here i was anxious about going on holiday, everyone here was so positive that it eased my worries. I am delighted to say, the holiday was great, too short but it left me feeling so much better. I am going back for a warmth top up in December. To anyone out there who feels poorly and too tired to imagine feeling better I just want to say better days can be ahead.

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So pleased you had a good holiday and came back feeling refreshed.

I think sometimes we let the whole PMR GCA syndrome get us down and think we can't do anything! We CAN, but it just takes a little more planning than pre PMR days.

I know before my first few trips with GCA I was a bit apprehensive, but you just have to think positive, get help when/if you need it, give yourself plenty of time - and most importantly enjoy it!


Yes, the help thing is the hardest psychological issue for me, but, I am learning (extremely slowly) to ask and take help.


Yes I know- especially if you've always been the doer or carer. But swallow your pride occasionally and let someone more able do it!

It's difficult to say - I can't do it, but sometimes we have to. My late husband always said he felt guilty when I had to do something he couldn't, and I always said - if it were the other way round you'd do it for me! And he agreed, problem is he isn't here to do it now - but such is life!


I look at this way - when I ask someone for help I am giving them a gift - the opportunity to perform a kindness. I remember years ago at a friend's house we were helping ourselves to tea, and before I could get up for mine, she poured a cup and brought it to me and I nearly cried because I realized it had been literally YEARS since someone had performed a little act of kindness like that for me. I remember with gratitude what she did for me, so all around good karma!


Good - where are you planning for next time? Because the anticipation adds to the pleasure...

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I'm so glad your holiday was a success. I've just had a few days in London to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Apart from having to leave in the interval because of the sheer discomfort of the Chocolate Box theatre ( airless, hot crowded, one exit, bench type seats). I also managed to have a lovely time, especially a gentle walk along the Thames on a crisp sunny Autumn day, Bermondsey to the West End. Wearing my new pearls!!!


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