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Stress over holiday- now flare up

I am on 13mg for last 6 weeks- fine up until now. Everyone here says dont over do it and pace but over the holiday my town was flooded and family and animals moved in here - and stress built up in my head too as although I asked for help it was hard getting them off the sofa!

Advice please - today family gone home despite no electricity for 2 days - I am having quite bad aches in hip, buttock only one side - do you think it is PMR flare or just twisted my hip in some way?

Is it OK to increase back to 15mg for a few days until pain is managed?

Or do I increase to say 14mg? I feel 15mg would be right but is it too big an uncrease all at once?

Thank you

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Sorry you have had such a busy few days

I would say increase just by 1 .I had a cold a few months ago and aches and pains started again and increased by 1 which got PMR back under control so try this .

My heart goes out to all that have been flooded over xmas or at any time it has to be soul destroying take care Rose


Thank you Rose, I will take your advice and your thoughts appreciated.



Hi cassie,

Sorry to hear about your stressful time - and I would guess that's the problem. Too much additional stress temporarily for the Pred to cope. Hopefully a few days on an increased dose will sort things out.

As we've all found out, the Pred can keep things under control when things are on an even keel, but as soon as something else comes along it struggles to cope, as do we.

Hope you soon feel better.


Hi Dorset Lady

Your thoughts are appreciated - at the time we just get on with it - then afterwards we realise how stress can affect PMR.

Thanks Cassie


Bit of both I'd say Cassie - now you can, just rest a lot to catch up. If it had been my family they'd have found themselves going hungry if they didn't step up to the plate I'm afraid. That IS bearing in mind how upsetting it will have been for them too.

Which of the multiple places do you live in? It is heartbreaking watching it on Sky News though I had to switch off when I put it on at lunchtime to see the latest - the combo of Kay Burley and DC was too much to bear! My mates in the Yorkshire Ambo Service were worrying about how to get their dialysis patients picked up yesterday.


Ok I get what you say about the family- I live and learn!

We live in Mytholmroyd near Hebden Bridge. We have been down today there is a fantastic community spirit with the town hall open 24/7 helping with food and parents with children many are homeless. Every shop in Hebden is wrecked(about 80) but hopefully the community will thrive once again. I don't think DC has seen the heart break here but I wish he had - he went to York though.




Oh lord! I've seen the pictures from your place - how awful.

Yes - I saw a bit of the York coverage. Apparently he was heckled - I was hoping someone might hand him a shovel or a brush and tell him to get stuck in and get his hands dirty doing something useful. ;-)

It was the reports about Hebden Bridge that concerned the YAS crews. They all live a bit further over so don't think they are flooded themselves - but ambos don't swim...


I am so sorry to hear of the troubles your family has had owing to the ghastly weather. I hope things settle down quickly and the rest of the winter is uneventful. The best thing you can do for yourself to help the flare subside quickly is to cocoon yourself as much as you can - and I mean emotionally almost more than physically. I have learned some warning signs about when I am able to listen to the news and when I know I simply must not. Some times of day I seem to be stronger than at others. So be protective of yourself and in the end you will be more able to do some of the helpful things I know in your heart you want to do. I hope that the New Year brings you good things.


Thanks I like the word cocoon as that is what I need to do right now - and the effects of emotional stress is worth thinking about too as that is sometimes neglected when sorting everyone else out and not realising the strain. Here is it very stressful with the effects of thr floods.

On a happier note I have had a new granddaughter born on Xmas Day but she lives an 8 hour train journey away. I really want to visit for a few days over the New Year but don't know what travel is like and if my PMR hip pain will allow. I am not relaxed right now but once I get there the baby will destress me .



I gather the trains can be forgotten until after New Year - what a shame. Is it north or south you have to go?


Cornwall quite a journey!


Weather's better there - find a volunteer taxi driver! I'd take you - bit far from here though!


Not a bad taxi fare! Have to see how this hip pain goes tomorrow- I know I will be miserable if I can't go!


Oh congratulations! I know you want to see the baby asap, but they do get cuter and more fun as they get older, so don't worry if you can't get to hold her right away. My friends who are grandparents Skype all the time!


Hi Casie, congrats on new grand baby!!

you are so right about the emotional stress. I find it necessary to "protect" myself, and withdraw emotionally when "life" _______(fill in the blank with whatever is going on in your world), starts to take over my time and thoughts. When extreme fatigue and depression begins, I know it's time to take care of Me. I do that by limiting my outside activities and saying "no". Also by taking naps in the middle of the day, and giving myself permission to take time to paint with watercolors and play with my stained glass projects.( Both of these things satisfy my inner spirit creativity, which I find regenerates me).

I also need to limit my emotional responses to other people's distress. It's kind of like Flight Attendant directions on the airplane... When or if, an emergency occurs.... Put your own oxygen mask on first. If you don't protect yourself, you can't protect anyone else.

so I turn off the news, and skip the daily newspaper for a little while. It helps me refill my own reserves, and then I can get back into the fray.

Best wishes to you and yours, Jerri

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