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Hi. As promised a few weeks ago, this is an update on my trip to The Netherlands.You may recall that I intended to travel by bus, ferry and train, and on my own. The travelling was fine, because of the long rests and short walks, and I managed to avoid feeling stressed. The last walk on the way to the campsite was longer and tiring but OK. Had no problem on the ferry because a kind crew member immediately offered to take my case up to the next deck, where my cabin was a few metres from the stairs.

The return journey was harder because of developments while I was on holiday. Had to stop and rest several times during a stroll around Den Haag, and I started getting pain in my Achilles tendons and hips when walking two days later. Stopped me exploring Leiden and Amsterdam in the waits between changes of transport. I also, for the first time, had to let a young lady help me off the train. As a bloke, this was very hard to take (in fact, I don't think I've fully come to terms with the effects of GCA/PMR yet).

I've been back at work full-time for a week now and coping well. Three days ago, however, my ankles started swelling up. I don't think the leg problems have anything to do with the holiday, though. I'm glad I did it but anyone considering going on holiday needs to think carefully and plan well.

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  • Hi Skibo,

    Your last sentence should be printed off and framed! So right.

    Glad you enjoyed your holiday even though you didn't get everything achieved , but there's always another time! Well done.

    I know being helped doesn't come easily at times, but just accept it sometimes - and be graceful with your thanks.

  • Wise words DorsetLady. I do hope my saviour understood my thanks despite the shock, embarrassment and Scottish accent.

    I've already decided I won't try a similar holiday until I'm a lot better...

  • I'm sure she did! Did ya have ya kilt on?

  • I believe the gentleman is from Fife (am I right Skibo?) - that's another world entirely when it comes to accents!

  • Sorry, only know the Western Isles - lived there for 2 years!

  • They speak a quite refined English!

  • I live in Fife but I'm from the Borders. You're right about the Fife accent, though

  • Some years ago we took our daughter to a 2nd hand car dealer in Inverkeithing - I was in stitches! We didn't buy a car I hasten to add! This time it was a carpet store - better but even so...

  • I wouldn't be seen dead in one of those things, DostetLady. They're everywhere - you even see Englishmen in them these days.

  • Glad it went fairly well - and hope the weather wasn't too bad - it always rains when I'm driving through Holland!

    Now then sir - we ladies (of any age) really don't have a problem with helping you guys so don't get a complex about it.

    And I totally agree with DL's comment - your last sentence is very very important!

  • Mostly sunny with temperatures into the high 20s. I hid in my mobile a lot, when I wasn't off for short strolls, and the relaxation did me a power of good.

    Aye - I know you good ladies are happy to help. It still came as a shock (mostly because it was only a few stairs up from the lower deck of the train).

    Thanks again for the pre-hols advice. I'll keep it in mind when I plan next year's holiday. Maybe I'll fly to Perpignan...

  • Sounds a good idea. Make the most of it before you have to get a visa...

  • Aye...

  • When I feel bad about accepting help, I remember this thought - you are giving a gift to the person who helps you, the opportunity to help another.

    In spite of the problems at the end it sounds like overall the holiday was well worth it. So glad!

  • Thanks HeronNS. That's a good way of looking at it and I'll bear it in mind.

    It was a great experience and it (and this forum) reinforces my belief in common humanity.

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