weird sensation in head and face

Hi, has anyone experienced a strange feeling in their head and face, its as though ripples of water are running from the inside of my skull to my neck, a vaguely crawling feeling, odd but its happened repeatedly today, maybe i am just rushing around too much, flying away in a couple of hours and stress can do such weird things, just wondered if anyone knew what could cause it and how to stop it?

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  • Definitely in my skull. I don't find it unpleasant, my head often feels congested and this sensation feels like clearing a congestion. I associated it with Prednisolone and haven't mentioned it to my GP. Perhaps we should?

    I do get freaked out by odd symptoms, perhaps more than average, verging on hypochondria territory ( ie. It's a brain tumour). When I voice them, it turns out that the symptom is shared and commonplace.

  • Yip, so many strange changes so little to do about them, If I voice them to my GP I think he is deaf or bored or both and has a really offputing shrug which manages to increase my unsurpassed ability to babble when under stress.

  • I am a babbler extrodonaire. The performance pressure, the time pressure of the appt. I meander to the most important problem, but by then my doc is already done.

  • Can't say I have that exactly.

    Could be The Pred, but maybe you've answered yourself - doing too much.!

    How to stop it - sit down, relax and don't panic🤔

  • I did have that sensation, once only, the second or third night after I started pred, and I remember thinking that if that was the worst side effect I was going to get then things wouldn't be too bad. Never happened again. In my case I felt like "things" were crawling all over me under my skin, not just my head. Now that I think about it, could this have been pred reducing the inflammation?

  • I was diagnosed with GCA almost a year ago. PMR showed up when I reduced to 7.5 mg of Prednisone. I've had strange sensations under my scalp that almost feel like vibrations. They come for a couple of hours or so then go away for weeks or a few months. I never had them before the GCA/PMR and Prednisone. They don't really bother me and I think of them more as an oddity rather than a problem. I mentioned them to my first rheumatologist once and she just kind of shrugged her shoulders and nodded si I gather she didn't think them very important either. I don't know if it like you are experiencing but what you wrote brought it to mind. I wash you well.

  • Thanks for your reply, it sounds about the same, a curiosity rather than a problem! Keep well


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