Rheumatologist Advice was join weight watchers

Had a check up with my lovely rheumatologist on Monday and maybe he was not in the mood. He wants me to reduce every month 1 mg. I am on 10 mg now and down it goes. Said he was giving me 3 months worth of prednisolone but the chemist at the hospital only gave me one months supply and I know I should have checked...but it takes them so long to prepare the order that I just want to go. Anyway my rheumy said I had put on weight (Yes I Know!) ( a stone to a well padded body) and he said I should join weight watchers or slimmers world. Thanks very much. Went home and ate cake. Wouldn't it be nice if the doctors were friendlier and maybe learned to deliver negative news in a more sympathetic manner. He also said that since pred masks lots of other aches and pains that are now coming back (tendonitis, aching knees, etc) to be prepared for that. I guess I was enjoying the pred effect on the rest of my body. Anyway just venting as I am really fine and working full time and exercising, etc. Life is good and I consider I am getting off fairly lightly with PMR.

Thanks for all your support, advice & info.

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  • The first time I met mine she told me I was obese. She was right but tactless and although I lost a few kg, I then put it all back on again. However, I have now decided to abandon bread, pastry and other carbs and have already lost more than I did after her 'encouragement'!

  • I also try to be gluten/carb/rice/spud free but to no avail. Must try harder. Thanks for your nice reply.

  • Don't worry. Now I'm down to 2.5 mg, I am finding it much easier to lose weight and you will too as the dosage decreases.

  • Ask Sambuca about tactless doctors and weight! She was one of the people who just gain massive amounts of weight without eating more - it all went without her trying when she came off pred - and at a clinic was told very rudely that her knees wouldn't hurt if she lost weight.

    Actually, weight watchers and co don't always work because many of the class leaders don't understand the problems with pred and glucose metabolism - but it may work. It's the cost that gets me though to be honest - and the being made to feel you have failed when you didn't lose weight.

    No carbs worked for me for a long time - must try harder after a summer of travelling and the wrong sort of food...

  • If you can't face going along to a meting of WW, their online version could be useful. I have a couple of good cookery books from them with recipes that won't make you feel deprived.

  • Thanks for the encouragement. A neighbor's husband used to say "pay me £5 and I will weigh you". ha..

  • I went to Rosemary Conley classes with the rest of the choir women - the idea was to do a sponsored thing - and did lose a bit but it was hard work. What it was worth it for was the short exercise programme - and once you'd paid for once class, others the same week were only £1, far less than a gym and we were all real beginners and unfit so it provided a really good introduction to exercise. Eventually I graduated to gym membership - but PMR meant I couldn't manage their classes so I still went to RC for a long time. But because I couldn't lose weight I never achieved a somewhat optimistic goal so still paid the full price and there weren't many local classes - which eventually palled and I stopped going.

  • I lost a lot of excess weight three years ago with a very low calorie diet but then changed to Rosemary Conley online ,until it went bust. I liked it because it was based on calories. It is functioning again but I agree that for those of us on steroids it is so much more difficult , I munch carrots during the day and suck xylitol mints in the evening. Problem with the need to graze is what it can do to teeth. Patsy 69

  • I don't have a "grazing" problem - other than nibbling nuts if I see them. If I don't see them, I don't bother! The beauty of the 5:2 effects was I stopped being hungry except at mealtimes.

  • Hi

    I did sliming World pre PMR

    Try to stick to it now but no weight loss

    GPs are able to do a 12 week referral if you fancy giving it a go .

    I found since PMR fruit is not good for me as I put on weight if I eat it lose weight if I don't.

    I will go back to it once off preds but wont pay to go once you have the tools you can do it yourself.


  • Sorry pmrpro it is me again Brixhamhampster with another question. Reading these posts about weight gain when does it happen. I am only five months in so no effect yet. Does it vary with people?

  • Yes completely varies depending on your body. Some never put on weight. Story of my life - look at cake - put on weight.

  • So unfair isn't it. As if you haven't got enough to contend with.

  • As whitefishbay says - some never put on weight, others lose weight - someone on another thread/forum has been complaining they've lost about 13lbs since being on pred. I should be so lucky! wfb and I must be twins - look at a cake and there's 2lbs on!

  • As my mother says "Even air is fattening"!!

  • Hurrah! for you and your cake! I like your attitude girl. 😋

  • Thanks. I think my rheumy was having a bad day.

    Life is short.

  • I have turned into the classic tomato shape. Ugh.

  • I did too - and the rosy cheeks just added to the effect! That was on Medrol though - and as soon as I was switched to a form of prednisone the rotundity started to melt away. I have a waist again even if I am several kilos more than I ought to be.

    I'm craving something - don't know if it is the weather (suddenly cold, yuk). OH's toast this morning smelt very tempting - I DON'T EAT WHEAT, I'M ALLERGIC TO IT!!!!! Why doesn't a nice healthy salad have the same effect? It was lovely - but I need something else...

  • Dark chocolate square is good. 80% is good and two squares and you don't crave sweets any more plus it is supposed to be anti inflammatory (or did I dream this?).

  • That's my preferred chocolate - but it's only lunchtime and I really like it with a glass of red wine ;-) Then I get away with one square...

  • Pre PMR I used a phone app that was a knock off of weight watchers point system. It was free I think or inexpensive anyway. It helped me with portion size and not snacking on the go. I lost some weight with it but have since put it on again from the prednisone, not moving enough, and treats to "help me feel better" before diagnosis. I'm down to 5 mg myself and struggling to get the weight back off. I need to deactivate that app!

  • I found that using the 5:2 diet for a couple of months helped enormously with portion size and not snacking - I really couldn't believe how un-hungry I was and after a few weeks I could barely finish a meal because I felt full!

    My problem this summer has been being away twice for a month at time where I had no control over what was put in front of me. At home I eat almost no carbs, away you can't escape them really and I put on weight. Some has gone but I'm a bit stuck - and a bit mentally stuck as well I think :-(

  • I try to avoid carbs but they really are the love of my life. I could marry a good loaf of bread (except I am married). Coeliac in my family so good to not eat gluten. Of course there is always ice cream. I love life and food.

  • However I am not a complete slob. Have a fit bit that I love (although it is awol at the moment). You can fool phone apps but not fitbit.

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