Rheumy has given me 5 months to be free of Pred

Hi all ,. I saw my Rheumy today after 8months , should have been 6 but they kept cancelling and pushing the date on. After another normal blood test he has told me to cut my pred from 6 to zero in 5 months and take Arcoxia once every other day for the withwrawel pains , every day if nessasery rather the increase or stay at the same level . Sounds like a real task to me but he thinks the PMR diagnosis may have been wrong in the first place and it could be a condition called AS , having X-rays and MRI scans of hips and lower back to try and determine exactly what my problem is, fingers crossed I will get an answer.😀👍 either way I think I have a bumpy road a head .

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  • And if he DOESN'T find the evidence it is AS (ankylosing spondylarthritis I'm assuming) - has he suggested anything then? Or is it wait and see?

  • Yes PMR pro I think that's about it , he said all my pains are withdrawal problems , with the exception of the osteoarthritis which I already had to a certain degree. I'd like to think he is right but my gut instinct is telling me different . My pain does react well to strong N-saids, but I don't want to get stuck on them but what is the answer , if they don't know what chance have I got to solve the puzzle . A little confused to say the least .

  • Ah well - time will tell. You wouldn't be the first to be told you possibly had something else to have the reduction halted because of the return of intolerable pain. I do hope it doesn't happen like that though. Though I think I'd prefer PMR to AS to be honest - the rheumy I saw who obviously felt a dx of PMR was beneath him wanted me to have either PsA or AS. He seemed quite upset when he couldn't find any evidence.

  • I suppose only time will tell , He wanted me to start straight away but I have a bad cold at the moment so not starting a reduction till I feel well, will let you know how it goes 👍

  • This article describes a few other conditions which can confound accurate PMR diagnosis:


  • Thanks very interesting 👍

  • Thanks HeronNS

    Makes very interesting reading.


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