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help, had an operation, some symptoms returning(OP) also possibility PMR Flare

Help! I am 80 with PMR reducing down at 1mg in 7-8 wks, now at 10mg as I went into an operation for Spinal Stenosis- vertebrae 4/5 .Successful 100% for 7 days- w/e gradually returning but not the symptoms, some Pain 'tired, languid , thick feeling in head .had to reduce the walking -not extreme ,saw Doctor on the Wed and a general testing- nothing but reflex's in left leg weak but also in rht less. Seeing the Surgeon on Wed.12th.BUT today SUN. had difficulty in getting out of Bed also weak generally. Feel I have got to try something( been a faithfull reader/member for a couple of years) thought it might be the body calling out for Pred ,symptoms similar to reduction of PMR I thought so I have taken the plunge and added 2mg-making 12/day. if it works Ok -if not well see what the Surgeon says. Any comments especially from the learned Ladies, more than Welcome. John

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Well scubadiver, I wouldn't battle on alone if I were you. Your body has been through quite enough. I am really glad that your operation was a success. I think you ought to be on your GP's home visit list, no matter how much of an action man ( as implied by your user name) you normally are!

I agree it seems like a flare, but I'm no medic. Get the doctor in. Take care!


Thank you Sheffield Jane, I wish - had to pack up the Scuba 3 years ago, still feel the urge! John- have spoken to the Doctor who has referred me to the Surgeon - tomorrow . but my Rheumy does not know what PMR is - till I told him- but doubt if he has got down to read the earthy side of it-not particularly good at listening. The Surgeon is good but has a Back speciality and I was going to help him -It does not help but nobody seems to have composite records of me. So I was trying to get some ideas of sufferers so I can help myself and the specialists. Hey Ho John


You have a rheumy who doesn't know what PMR is? Time for a change of rheumy I think...


Thank you PMRpro - not like you - just text book - he does not treat the Patient as a whole which is so important and leaves a gap which like us all can be filled by experiences of others, Bless you all


Sounds like a lot of rheumies unfortunately. I know a lot think PMR is beneath them as specialists - but mercifully I did meet some very good ones who are interested at a rheumatology meeting last May!


Hello again scubadiver (John) I couldn't agree with you more about the lack of a holistic approach to our conditions. Shocked to the core that your Rheumatologist is not familiar with PMR. I agree with PMRpro that you should seek another one or perhaps she could give your chap an intensive seminar?

We have to be so vigilant, researching our own conditions and the medications we are prescribed ( some of which are worse than the conditions they are supposed to help.)

Wishing you a speedy recovery and a glass bottomed boat. Highly recommend the Great Barrier Reef in Australia!


I just had a similar surgery two months ago. ( fusion and laminectomy). I was told to expect up to three months of tiredness due to the fact that at our age it takes longer to get the anesthetic out of our system. ( I am also almost eighty and was under five hours...length of time does make a difference.) they also said to expect some pain at first.. I have GCA so due to my eye being a source of concern I have not gone down yet on my dose of prednisone. I was at 12. Am weaning off the ocxycodone and am down to just one a day. My mantra is slow but steady.. Hope your recovery is good .


Just reread your post and want to say that I also experienced that awful " I can't get out of bed " feeling that you describe. Whether it was the anesthetic or just my body protesting I can't know. What I can say is the it got better each day.


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