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Since I am up at 4 am anyway

Hello all ,

Well since the preds wake me up at 4 am much to the delight of my cats (who get fed earlier now) I have taken an earlier shift at work. I have been looking with longing at all the retirees who are able to walk in the afternoon. Now I will be off at 4 pm and able to take better care of myself and also have more food prep time. This new shift should work until I am off meds as I am not an early bird, actually the opposite! PMR does turn life inside out and upside down. Wanted to share something good for a change. Wishing you all well.

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Hi bunnymom,

Well done, getting something positive out of the situation! Plus as you say, it gives you more time later in the day for you and your family!

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And I don't have to retire to get to walk!


I'm sitting here at 2:45 am, wide awake... Smiling at your post!

Ditto what you say! Cheers, Jerri


Ideal time to take your pred with a cuppa and at the least a slice of toast.

Back to bed and read for at least one hour - gives the pred time to get working.

2am is the time your adrenals would be replenishing your cortisol for the next day.

PMR = Lifstyle changing. You walk to a different drummer.


Amen to that!


Pred made me an early riser too! I actually like that part of it, I get to take sunrise photos and the world is quiet and peaceful.


I find I am not even really tired during the day but I do go right to sleep. I use to be a night owl. My life is very different now. Maybe not all bad as you say.

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