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Has anyone else had problems with their eyes after replacement lenses for cataracts caused by the pred? Both my lenses were replaced last autumn and apart from the regular blood vessel explosions (dragon eye) have been fine. A few weeks ago I thought I had a stye but treating it with Golden Eye Ointment did nothing and the stye on in the nose corner of the bottom lid migrated to a matching one on the top lid. I now have three.....I saw the GP last Thursday who gave me some antibiotic drops which I am not sure are helping and the whole of that corner of the upper eyelid is swollen with three yellow heads and really quite sore. I am wondering if the pred is slowing down the healing or have I perhaps got ulcers and need a different treatment?

Just one thing after another innit? Less pain overall now that the worst of the hot weather has passed so grateful for small mercies!

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You really need to discuss this with your Opthamologist not your GP. Sometimes you just cannot wear your contact lenses all the time, particularly with cataracts developing. Go pay them a visit as soon as possible.


I think this is implanted lenses for cataracts, not contacts.

But I agree - this is not a job for a GP, this is probably a job for the specialists. A good place to start is with an optometrist who will know more about eye conditions than the average GP. They will advise whether your GP can mange this or whether you need to go to the eye clinic.

There's a bit about styes here;

with a few suggestions for you to try to see if it relieves the discomfort - but find a good optician.


Thank you PMR pro, yes, this is about implanted lenses during cataract surgery. Thankfully the drops seem to be working now, one yellow head has gone and the whole eyelid is not so swollen. My first point of contact was my optometrist who initially diagnosed the cataracts but they were not particularly helpful and didn't seem too keen to even make an appointment. Fortunately I have a wonderful pharmacist who I consult usually before my GP and after seeing the GP he advised me to give the drops a chance, it will only be a week on Thursday, I was probably asking for an instant cure; they don't exist do they?


No, not really! Abx are always expected to take 3 days - if it's less you have been really lucky. And topical ones aren't always that good.

I did say find a good optician!!!! I had a wonderful one in Scotland - you'd have been seen ahead of booked patients probably and sent off to the hospital with a letter pressed in your sweaty little paw had he thought you needed to!

Styes are horrible - you really do have my sympathy. I've had one quite mild one many many years ago. I never want another.


Thanks mate, I know you enjoyed Garda.

Surveys out just over 200 yesterday, Surveys completed and returned, today we hit the 100 mark. Cannot not be in 7 days.


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