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This is a help and also a trying to understand

I believe I have asked this question before

It's all about the sweats mainly water running down face and like tear drops dropping when least expected

Is this definitely the steroids and is there any person out there who can come up with some help as to controlling them and has anybody had any help from a doctor thank you in advance

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I found cotton next to skin was the only thing that helped . So it was M&S they do a bra that is high cotton content then Asda for cotton nicks they also do a cami that is pure cotton . That's the practical side now for the lighter side I prepared Christmas lunch in bra and nicks with apron over top,put a cotton maxi dress in downstairs loo with baby wipes . Bell rang hubby answered I dressed , still do that on some day's when reducing pred


I never found any specific way to alleviate them and I do remember very well sitting wrapped in a towel with another wrapped round my head with one fan on the table and another on the floor

I think they are both PMR and steroid related as I can remember having brief hot flushes before the diagnosis (and no, I wasn't menopausal at the time) so it seemed to me that the steroids just aggravated the problem.

Mine have just melted (a good word that; I often felt like a melting heap on the floor) away over time, although a I find a genuine heatwave results in another meltdown, but I can live with that.

As Olive says, cotton is the best thing to wear as it absorbs the sweat somewhat and a soaking wet T shirt is easily changed for a dry one.


Yes it was all cotton for me too, and a headband a la Wimbledon! I cut out all caffeine in tea, coffee and chocolate, and avoided spicy food. I used to find immediately after eating and following a dose reduction were the worst times for bringing on a sweat. I feel sure it's due to hormone disruption but it does improve at the lower doses.


I wish someone did have a way of alleviating the sweats. My rheumie just laughed and said it was a side affect of steroids, so tough basically. I find I have to turn my pillow round continuously to just cool my neck. I did have my hair cut very short and tell people I have been swimming. Now I have reduced quite a lot it is better than it was but still a total pain. In my case I had no problem before pred but that is not to say PMR does not cause sweats too.


Would a cooling scarf help with this? I know they are great in hot weather.




Can be either PMR/GCA or pred - and of course, even both!

Natural fibres or functional sports clothing helps a lot as well as layers so you can easily remove some clothes during a sweat. I had a fan on next to me at the desk and in the bedroom in summer and next to no heating even in winter - much to my husband's disgust! We have two single duvets instead of a double one - so I can have a lightweight one whatever the weather and chuck it off altogether when I need to. I always sleep with my feet outside the covers anyway!

It dies improve eventually - though like others, hot weather brings them back for me.


I get this,

it stings my eyes sometimes isn't it awful .I understand it is due to pred and PMR .I have had my hair cut short because of it and also sometimes can't hold a drier long enough to do it in a bob . Tendonitis . So short works better .Cotton underwear is better . You can't stop it happening but anything that eases the discomfort is a good thing ;-)


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