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Head sweats

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Hi, I’m currently trying to reduce my dose of Prednisolone from 4.5 to 4 using the dead slow method....I did get to 3 at one point but had aching arms & shoulders so I increased to 5 for a week & now coming down slowly. My question is regarding sweating! I am in Spain at the moment where it’s in 30s every day. Normally, this wouldn’t bother me, but now, I am literally dripping sweat from my head & face all the while!.....wearing a mask outside all the while doesn’t help I know, but it still happens indoors if I don’t have air con on! Within minutes of drying my hair after a shower, it’s wet again from the roots. My body isn’t too bad. Is this yet another side effect of the Pred? ......& does anyone have a solution?! I’ll just add that on a warm day in UK I still have the same problem!

21 Replies
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I got this on both high doses and during the low doses. I suspect the latter was the adrenal system being challenged. It reduced as the dose lowered and my adrenal function improved.

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Must admit fortunately for me it was one of the side effects I avoided, but you will a lot of replies from others.

In the meantime, it might be worth looking at related posts - it’s a common talking point.

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I have had this in the past & suffered again from it last week, in my experience l find it means l am not on a high enough dose of Pred either because, l’m starting to Flare or trying to do too much when the dose l’m on is holding the PMR at bay but that’s about it!

In my non scientific way l describe it as my Body Searching for Cortisol.....


PMRPRO may send you a better explanation, at the moment l am suffering from this issue & really struggling! I know & understand what’s happening but find it hard to explain, sorry 😐

MrsN (not 100%)

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Baileyw06 in reply to MrsNails

I hope you feel better

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Lyndaki in reply to Baileyw06

Thank you....I feel fine, just damned uncomfortable! 🥵😂

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I've been the same here in Italy when it got to the low 30s in the afternoons - and that was inside, not out in the sun! OH heads for the balcony with the curtain across but I can't. No air con up here in the mountains - just cool nights.

As Snazzy says, at this stage I'd suspect this is the lack of adrenal function making itself felt. OR - and it is possible - you are on the borderline with the dose you need for the PMR. Sweats are one of the fail-safe indicators for me that I am about to embark on a flare.

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Lyndaki in reply to PMRpro

Thank you....will hopefully discuss with rheumatologist! Can anything be done about adrenal function problems? .....hopefully not more tablets!🙄

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Lyndaki

Adrenal function does usually return but it may be slower than many doctors think. If it doesn't - either continuing pred or hydroxycortisone and that is used sometimes to tickle the adrenal function a bit more than reducing the pred does

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I too am suffering for the past few weeks. I put it down to the humidity of our recent hot spell in the UK. However, since others are experiencing it too It's probably due to the Pred. Bottom of my hairline is where I feel wet. I'm currently from today taking 12 mg and hoping beyond hope I don't experience any probs. Seem to be getting my afternoon headaches back that I've suffered for years and years...a couple of paracetamols sort them out though....trying not to think about GCA rearing it's ugly head again.


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Good morning fellow sweaty 🥵 folks

I’m suffering dreadfully from total dripping head sweats.

I find under my breasts and the groin areas get very red ( and sore) ...

I have solved that problem of my body sweats , I find by putting cotton jersey strips on those areas which are irritated 😣 ( I use an old vest of hubby’s cut up. )

I keep with me at least two white cotton face cloths to mop up the perspiration. It’s not very pleasant at all to walk around the local shopping centre looking like you’ve just stepped out of the shower.

Butttttt... I’ve got to the point where I have to worry about myself and not what other people think 🤔 about me.

Only someone who is suffering with PMR

will understand.

YuliK 👍


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You may find it very humid in Spain. This doesn’t help the sweating.

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Thanks all....glad it’s not just me! I’ve hopefully got a rheumatologist appointment on 4th Sept 🤞 So will ask to check adrenals....assuming they’re can....but meantime, I’ll carry on sweating! Deep joy!🙄

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YuliK in reply to Lyndaki

Lyndaki Hi

At least all the sweating 😓 has some good points. I find I use the bathroom much less.


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Lyndaki in reply to YuliK


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I had to move back to England from Spain when I started the menopause and hot sweats so you have my sympathies. Even post-menopausal, I can't take the heat anymore, I assumed it was an age thing but maybe it's a PMR thing?

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to tangocharlie

It can certainly upset your body thermostat! Used to be lots of discussion about it.

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tangocharlie in reply to PMRpro

I just remember my grandma always having a cardi on even on the beach so assumed you just start feeling the cold more as you get older.

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to tangocharlie

God help me if OH feels the cold any worse than he does now!!!

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Lyndaki in reply to tangocharlie

Thankfully I never had hot sweats with menopause so this is bloomin’ awful...& new! It’s not funny in a shop, wearing a mask & trying to mop up the drips!☹️😂

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Not sure how you can find it, but this was covered yesterday by a group of us who suffer badly from this. Sorry, I don’t have time to repeat it all today, but yes, lots of us around, dripping like crazy...it doesn’t have to be hot for me to drip, I had head sweats through the winter, too! Nobody came up with any solutions, I’m afraid! Must dash!

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