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I believe I might have asked this questions before but am asking today as have had a horrible day with sweats

It's very embarrassing when you are somewhere ie shops and surgery today with the water just dropping from you as I am sure there are a lot of you out there with same problem so I shouldn't be moaning really

Has anyone been told by doc if there is anything you can do about it

I don't eat spicy foods don't drink coffee so I have one word for you all out there HELP 😂😂😂

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I have not heard of any doctors suggesting any sort of help for sweats, my rheumie just laughed and said it was a side effect of pred. I tell people I have been swimming! A fan by you helps, but it is not always practical if out shopping. I think it is a bit better now I have reduced, but it really is one if the more unpleasant side effects I think.


Do you get the sweats because you feel really hot? There are ways to alleviate that. For hot weather (and it was fantastic during an August holiday in Egypt!) we can buy a little necktie filled with some sort of crystals. You soak the tie until the crystals become a gel, and wear it round the neck. I keeps the neck cool, and consequently the rest of the body is more comfortable. I bought mine, but googling gel filled neck ties actually brings up instructions on how to make your own.


Thanks for reply

It is mainly my head that gets hot and water runs from it also nose runs with just water

Going to have to put up with it although not nice

Take care


Afraid it can be part of pred - but I have head sweats as part of a flare of PMR. One lady used a sweat band as per John McEnroe...

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Hi Rusty8 I have exactly the same problem, mine did start even before I went on steroids, even in the winter my hair would be dripping wet running down my face, I'd do my hair before I went out, waste of time it just would end up dripping wet, have been through the menopause years ago with all the hot sweats thought that was bad enough but this is worse, I'm afraid not found an answer to it, just thinking of taking a towel out around my neck so wherever I am I can wipe off all the water running down, no help to you I know but at least you are not alone, hope we do find an answer to this embarrassing situation. Val


Are you taking Pred after breakfast? I only get sweating at night then.


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