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Welcome to our 100 new members who joined us in May!

Please take a couple of minutes to write something about yourself on your profile (click on your avatar button on the top of the screen). You can keep incognito if you want to, but a little bit of info, like where you are in the world, whether you have PMR or GCA or both, when you were diagnosed etc, can really help to build our community. The more we share, the more we gain.

Thanks, and enjoy the forum!

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Can I add that knowing where you are in the world helps a LOT! Different systems have different rules and approaches and knowing you are in the UK or the USA, for examples, makes a big difference as to what I, at least, may say and saves a lot of writing saying something that simply won't apply to you.


Yes, welcome from me too - growing fast!

I so agree about completing the profile with rough whereabouts in the world. On the Patients Experience PMR forum, we suggested this a few months ago, so many people have added either UK or US or whatever to the end of their forum name.


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