Midnight pred

It is my understanding that taking prednisone can cause damage to your esophagus when taken on an empty stomach and lying down. Even if it is taken with a few spoons of yogurt does not sound like enough to coat your stomach. I developed gerd and cannot Lie down after eating. I also understand that prednisone can make holes in the lining of your stomach. Just from experience I take a proton pump inhibitor, wait one half hour and eat my breakfast and then take the prednisone. Just a thought for your future intestinal health.

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  • I think it makes a difference if you have the coated variety or not.

  • Nap1 -- I do much as you do. Omeprazole first. Wait half an hour. Mug of tea. Thyroxine and other stuff. Breakfast. Then Pred.

    Friday I have the joy of Alendronic -- so that comes first -- then half an hour later -- Omeprazole -- then as above....

    I have to watch what I eat for reflux and indigestion too.

  • Couldn't take the Alendronic. The ER thought I was having a heart attack from the pain. So I take a shot of Prolia which is given twice a year. Had my first shot last week reaction not too bad. Taking medicine is a problem when you have Esophagus issues. I tried getting the coated prednisone in the US but a 5 mg pill was $64. At that cost I would be bankrupt before the month was up. Good luck.

  • Nap1 There is a new study which associates proton pump inhibitors with kidney failure. Oh joy. Also it helps you lose bone. I also have a bad esophagus. My gastro guy is starting to wean me off of Nexium. This disease and the Helper, Prednisone, creeps into every area of our bodies. Note: There was only one study..... But it's now set out on the insert papers as a warning with the Nexium.

  • I am aware of those studies but I cannot live without the PPI. I have a hiatal hernia as well as Gerd and even without the prednisones I have tried weaning off with some very expensive aloe juice and other acid reducers. Nothing seems to work and at this moment with the prednisone I certainly can't do it again The heartburn is devastating.

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