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Hello again friends. I have just got my latest blood test results back, my CRP is 0.8 and ESR is 10, so it seems that my adding raw garlic daily to my eating together with the daily ginger, tumeric and cinnamon are helping to keep the inflammation at bay. But, my Haemoglobin level has gone down a touch  to11.6 having always up to now been in the 12 or 13 range. I was pleased in a way to see this as I have been absolutely washed out for the past week or so, even with lots of extra rest, does this mean that I am a little anaemic? If so can anyone give a reason for it or advice on what I can do to help myself please? I haven't contacted my GP as yet seeing it was after surgery hours when I got the results. Thanking you wonderful people in anticipation. Sandra

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Sandra, I was diagnosed with a low haemoglobin level during my early days with PMR.  It is quite common and often resolves itself as it did in my case.  However, apart from discussing the result with your GP, increasing your intake of iron-rich foods for a while may help.  Good news about your ESR and CRP though - you must be doing something right!

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Second Celtic's comments.  Just want to add that your haemoglobin is still in an acceptable range, and your fatigue may well be due more to the lovely disease and its equally lovely treatment!  But iron rich foods can't hurt.  As i can't tolerate most iron supplements my doctor suggested liquid iron supplement instead, which thankfully can be taken at the same time as pred (shouldn't be taken at same time as calcium).  If you come up with a solution to the fatigue, do please share it.  This forum is full of wilted flowers....

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Thank you Celtic and HeronNS for your prompt and reassuring replies. I shall read up about iron rich foods to make sure I'm eating well in that department. I am also going to look for montmorency cherry juice to see if it will help reduce my blood pressure a little, l've  just seen it in a previous post of yours Celtic, this site is so good for sharing healthy tips. And yes HeronNS as soon as I come across the recipe for wilted flowers you will be the first to know. Thanks once again.



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