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Pain in right groin/knee/shin


I have had recurring groin pain now in my right side also as above and middle of my back, I cannot walk without excruciating pain, turn in bed walking to the bathroom, I'm on tramadol 2 X 50mg three daily and two paracetamol 500mg same, but I'm just getting worse, I am on 40mg predisinone per day, I have just been diagnosed with giant Cell/plm I don't see the rheumy until the 11th December can anyone advice me on relieving the pain please? Although I have Jamie 345 that was an accident it's my grandsons name I will change my details as soon as I can get help to do so! I'm female 72years Glenys

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Constant pain takes everything from you doesn’t it? This could be nothing to do with the PMR and more of a nerve problem. If it is worsening and in view of your back op, I’d be getting this checked out by the out of hours GP before the Rheumy. Of course it’s the weekend, always is when one is desperate.

Jamie345 in reply to SnazzyD

Thank you snazzy, it's exactly how this all started but I'm using a stick and that seems to aggravate my back, it's worse in my groin and now knee, but I just can't walk to bathroom etc., im just going to sit down and rest but I wish I had some pain killers that actually worked, thank you for advice

Hidden in reply to Jamie345

If I could suggest an elbow crutch which is adjustable and certainly makes me stand more upright than stick does so stops me doing the lean that hurts back more. It's also easier to use both hands without dropping stick.

If you don't have pacemaker I would be tempted to try tens machine. You can get reasonably priced one from places like Lloyds chemist. I take tramadol for back and other pain. I also take amitrypiline which helps with nerve pain that causes spasms. But when it's really unbearable I crank up the tens machine. If you get one start on low number and move up to what you can stand. Good luck.

Jeannie29 in reply to Jamie345

Hi Jamie345

Have you tried co-codamol 30/500, I cannot take Tramadol, but the co-codamol helps deaden the pain a bit . I think we all get to the stage where we will try anything. I’ve also tried the morphine patches, but they make me feel as though I’m not in my own body!!!

I wish you well



Sounds to me like the add-ons to PMR of trochanteric bursitis (groin) and myofascial pain syndrome (the back muscles) which is being aggravated by using a stick to walk. Could even be sacroiliacitis - I couldn't move at all without shrieking. Two sticks or, as Snazzy says, elbow crutches might be better - or if you can face it, a rollator. You can stand more evenly - and it has the added benefit of you always having a seat handy.

I found sitting upright with a hotwater bottle over the painful area helped in the absence of any other remedy. I had a wing chair that was perfect - don't even try to cross your legs and have your feet resting on the ground about hip width apart, knees at 90 degrees, i.e. NOT on a low squashy sofa!

Has anyone checked whether you have osteoarthritis in your hip?

Jamie345 in reply to piglette

I have got some osteoarthritis but not had right side X rayed I am booking a phone call to my GP Monday as I really am bed bound now, I wondered if I can ask for morphine patches as I can only take tramadol/paracetamol does anyone think this will be available for me to request I don't see the rheumy till 11th Dec, if this bad don't know how I will make it there? Appreciate help feel low ebb bit weepy, though trying not to??

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Jamie345

Make sure your GP does something useful - but I doubt morphine patches will help if it is buristis. He needs to examine you and make a possible diagnosis. Even if it means ordering an ambulance to take you to A&E for an x-ray.

piglette in reply to Jamie345

Hi Jamie

I hope you get a good diagnosis. GPs are none too happy prescribing morphine patches, but you could ask, depending on the problem they may help. Is the Tramadol working? It is quite a strong opioid.

Jamie345 in reply to piglette

I've been on tramadol since November 2016 when I had back problem that was operated on February 2017 the only pain killer is the tramadol, then few months later all the problems started and I was put on predisinone I thought that my body has got used to tramadol ? Maybe not as affective? I think I will concentrate on just resting and see if it will ease enough for me to walk?

I had the same type of pain you describe.It took two months to diagnose a double pelvic fracture ... I hadn't fallen or had any other trauma.Mine was due to a vitamin D defficiency and happened only a couple of weeks after starting on pred, but it could be caused by osteoporosis from Prednisone.

Jamie345 in reply to Gaijin

Thank you for your reply I sure need friends!! I have been on pred for around 5months now on 40mg but although a kind GP he's not really knowledgable in GC/Pmr but Can he give me morphine patches do you know I have started taking VitaminD but obviously will take time,

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Jamie345

If you have a dx of GCA you need a specialist - GPs are not competent to manage that. Being on 40mg after 5 months is still pretty high but for most people that would be enough to manage trochanteric bursitis - it certainly would have been for me.

However, pred CAN cause avascular necrosis of the hip and you MUST have an x-ray as soon as possible to rule that out. Even if you have had x-rays in the past they won't be valid now.

Jamie345 in reply to PMRpro

I was only on 15mg a day until three weeks ago I saw the rheumy first time and he put me on the 40mg I go back a week Monday to see if the increase has stopped the inflammation that was still high after all this time being on a to lower dose obviously did not work but that was my GP and although I had the groin pain when this all started it was on my left, now on my right groin, so I think it must be the GC/plm but I have lots of questions to put to the specialist, I don't think he will give me morphine patches either.

It seems very few GPs and even Rheumatologists are knowledgeable in PMR/ GCA, at least yours is kind !

You will find most of the health information re PMR/ GCA you need on here, hope it helps you as it did me.

I owe two things that have improved my health immensely to PMR: adhering to a low carb and getting my Vitamin D up to optimum levels. Mine was so low for so long that I developed Osteomalacia, (adult form of ricketts) .


Not sure they will prescribe morphine patches over phone. Like other member said you should have the pain investigated to see what is causing it. There have been half a dozen times over past 20 years when I asked for stronger pain relief. Never offered morphia but I didn't fancy it as long term strategy. I usually just suffered but I knew what was causing pain so very different scenario. Hope you get some relief.

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