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Alendronic Acid

Hi, it would be great to get people's opinions please. My Dexa scan wasn't brilliant, I'm osteopenic, verging on osteoporosis in my spine 😕 My doctor has prescribed Alendronic Acid but I've read such bad reports about this medication I'm really reluctant to start taking it. I have a rich calcium diet and take Adcal daily. I'm 54 by the way and was diagnosed in August last year and put on 20mg, i have managed to reduce to 6mg without too much trouble, no pain just soreness. The only flare I've had was in the very beginning when my doctor told me to reduce by 10mg, hadn't found this site at that point. Have used the dead slow, stop method. Thanks for listening 😀

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What are the t-scores on your dexascan? Are you "just" osteopeneic or well into the range?

I'm classed as osteopeneic, spine readings are lower than hip, but here where I live no-one has suggested AA. It's a shame you didn't have the dexascan right at the beginning as you are now at a lower dose that isn't usually associated with much bone density loss. I took 4 tablets and stopped, had a dexascan and then another 4 years later - no change in bone density in that time and only on vit D and calcium.

Many people do take AA with no problems at all - but before you DO start to take it, get a thorough dental check-up and have any necessary work done and insist on having your vit D and calcium levels checked too. Unless they are both OK the AA won't work - so there wouldn't be any point taking it until they are put right.

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Make sure that with your calcium and D3 you are also getting the other nutrients needed for proper calcium absorption, especially VitaminK2 and magnesium.  Also calcium from plants is excellent, don't reply solely on dairy.  And appropriate weight bearing. exercise. 


My doctor prescribed a a without any scan. I did take it for a while but was unhappy to take it on the assumption there would be an issue with bone mass. I think if bone mass is changing I think you need to do something. I guess it is checking what options are available to you



I'm also debating whether to go on Alendronate (or the once a month Boniva).  

My dexa scan from before I started pred had the report written funny, according to my doctor. She also said "if this is right, you are osteopenia." 

Just had a second dexa with T scores of 0 for hip, 1.1 for spine, 2.2 for neck. Rheumy wants me on AA or Boniva, but I'm waiting until my next appointment in a month to have her look at those first test results again to see if there was any change. If no change, I will refuse the drugs.

Note: I was on Alendronate for 3 months Dec-Feb, but stopped when found I needed a tooth extracted.


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