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Prednisolone soluble or plain


I have been prescribed and have been taking soluble prednisolone for past few weeks. However pharmacist claims that they are experiencing delay in delivery process and is offering plain tablets.  I seem to be working reasonably well with the soluble tablets and wonder whether I would experience any 'difficulties' changing.

Would be grateful for any advice.

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I have to say - you are the first person I've come across on soluble prednisolone! And I'm flabbergasted your doctor got away with it if you are in the UK because soluble costs more than 30 times as much as the pain white tablets. GPs were told to stop prescribing the enteric coated sort (red 5mg and brown 2.5mg pills) because of a claimed 17-fold difference in price.

According to this

there is no real difference in absorption, and there are only a few justifications for using the soluble formulation. I suppose it might take very slightly longer to be absorbed, but the peak in the blood is under 2 hours after taking plain white tablets. They suggest that you can make a suspension with the plain tablets and point out that using the plain ones is quicker and easier.

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