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Prednisolone 1mg

I cannot take any meds to protect my stomach from the preds so I have enteric coated preds and have yoghurt before taking them. I have been getting shoulder pain when I last reduced by 2.5 mg ,my GP said he would like to reduced by 1mg at a time to help with the pain ,but he said he would look into getting 1mg enteric coated for me and today waiting at the pharmacy was two packs of 1mg EC coated tabs .I am so pleased with my new GP ,I have an appointment with my rheumatologist 16th March so I may be reducing my preds if so I can at least go 1mg at a time if necessary. I thought you might like to know that these tablets are available.

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Well Done New GP & great news for you too, it should make a difference reducing by 1mg rather than 2.5mg

Best Wishes

Mrs N

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I posted over on the LupusUK forum a few weeks ago about it and I'm sure I have mentioned them on here too - they have only been available since last August but what a great development!!

For anyone who is interested and needs to prove to a sceptical GP they exist:

Strangely, Boots claimed they couldn't get them. Which seems particularly strange as they come from the same company as Boots belongs to. Not that that really surprises me - but I would always recommend going to an independent chemist if you can.

They are, by the way, yellow.


Thanks PMRpro for the 1mg info. Someone on this site kindly suggested that it's worth hanging on to the uncoated variety if anyone is thinking of reducing by a half mg... easier to cut.


Or use the Dead Slow approach. It works for me - I can't cut my Lodotra tablets either.


How good that you have a GP that's on the ball! Unfortunately sometimes a rarity. Also good that these 1 mg tablets are a different colour. Do wish they would do this with the uncoated ones. Sometimes so difficult to distinguish between the 5mg and 1 mg. Same packet, same colour, just slight difference in size!

Wishing you well on future reductions!



I want some too , I've stayed on a maintenance dose of 5mg for a year and feel ready to try and reduce again.

I've developed chronic kidney disease so have stopped Omeprazole and want to take as little medication as possible.

Hopefully my GP will be as great as yours .

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I mentioned this to my GP at last visit following a previous post on this site. She hadn't heard of them but made a note to look into it. I don't need 1mg at the moment but on my next reduction I will so will ask for these.


Here is the link to the data sheet to show your doctor to prove their existence!


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