Hi I am wondering if this is any thing to worry about but I have started getting headaches again ( I had severe ones for some months prior to PMR ) and also I have been noticing for a while that I seem to have a stiff jaw. I feel like I need to wriggle it from side to side to loosen it. I do seem to notice it when I eat but I can't say there is any pain on eating just a stiffness and it is there alot of the time. I dont have any pain either when brushing my hair etc just an all over headache. Any ideas?

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  • Please consult your doctor asap as my all over headache & stiff jaw were diagnosed as GCA.I didn't have a tender scalp either but my temporal arteries were swelling.Jaw claudication is not something to ignore.You didn't say what dose of pred you are on but I imagine the doctor will probably increase this Good Luck!

  • I have just woken up since posting before...I am in the process of reducing from 8.5 to 8 via dsns route as seem sensitive to drops. I dont have a permanent headache but certainly alot more again where as since diagnosis none. Also the jaw stiffness is both sides rather than just one for gca? Not aware the temporal artery is inflammed. I will def consult gp asap .Thank you

  • pmrdec, you've had wise advice from tazzi and DL - do get that pain checked out immediately, at A&E if you suddenly notice any changes in your vision.

  • Hi again,

    I didn't have an inflamed/swollen artery, and had all round jaw ache, so don't assume it isn't GCA. We are all different, and don't show identical symptoms. Previous message re seeking help still stands!

  • Hi,my jaw stiffness was on both sides also - please consult gp asap,as dorset lady says your sight is possibly at risk so don't take any chances.

  • Hi,

    Totally agree with tazzi - please see GP, or even A&E as weekend, sooner rather than later. Eyes too precious not to.

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