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High Blood Pressure


Hi all, have just been diagnosed but yet again with very high blood pressure. This time been given AMLODIPINE 5mg tablets to help bring the blood pressure down. After reading some of the side effects of this drug, I am even wondering to start this, what along with the side effects of the preds. Has anyone else tried this drug, and some advice would be helpful before getting hooked on something else. Many thanks.

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You say you've been diagnosed "yet again". What happened before? Were you given another medication that was ineffective for some reason, or did lifestyle, diet changes not work?


DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer


Have been on Amlodopine, with other drugs inc aspirin, for many years for HBP, long before GCA raised it's ugly head. My BP has been very well controlled since being on them including the last few years of Pred, which can also cause HBP.

Most tablets have side effects, and the drugs company have to list everything, from the quite common to very rare, and yes the reading is scary. But from personal experience, I would say any side effect from Amlodipine pales into insignificance when I recall the side effects of Pred!

Life style changes can impact on HBP, but it doesn't work for everybody, and of course, high blood pressure can lead to other major problems including heart attacks and strokes. I know where my money would be, but if you're really worried then discuss further with your GP.

Good luck.

morrison in reply to DorsetLady

Thank you, I am seeing my GP again next week and will bring up the side effects eg., pro's and con's with her. Thanks again for your support.


As far as I know it is one of the first line options in the UK. Many people take it and it works well and they have few side effects. Others have problems. It's the same with everything just about. If you try it and do have side-effects they will try other stuff. As DL says, the leaflets have to cover all bases so you know what is what. The pros are obvious - it is a medication for reducing what is obviously very high BP which comes with a whole load of side effects of its own - some potentially fatal. The cons? You can't know what they are without trying the stuff. You may be one of the lucky ones that it works well for and no or few side effects.

Do you take/have you taken paracetamol, ibuprofen, aspirin? You wouldn't use them if you read the leaflets - but people take them every day without thinking about it.

It would be a good idea to start them so you have some feedback for your GP next week. You shouldn't refuse to take something without good reason - and saying you don't like the sound of the side effects isn't good enough. I tried a statin - and it was dire but if it became necessary I would try a different one. The first BP med I was put on I developed a lovely itchy rash so they tried something else. But the original one is the one that works well for the problem for most people and only one tablet - now I have to take 2.

In addition to the meds you could try beetroot, beetroot juice or even capsules. I know people who say they have had very good results on BP. Apparently raw beetroot grated into a salad is delicious. I must admit I only like pickled beetroot!

HeronNS in reply to piglette

Our supplier of a variety of delicious fermented veggies at the local market sometimes makes a beetroot kraut! Looks pretty on the plate, too.

piglette in reply to HeronNS

When I visited Russia a popular dish was borsch, it can look pretty too.

HeronNS in reply to piglette

My Polish father used to make "beetroot soup" (i.e. borscht). Haven't had it for years. I remember liking it, should make it!


Been on Amlodopine (5mg) for about 3 years at request of myGP. Blood pressure came down to very acceptable levels, and I have experienced none of the side effects.

I realise that is no guarantee for you, but I would have thought it is worth you starting them and see how you get on.

Good luck.

I have been taking amlodipine for five years along with a cocktail of other drugs and have experienced no side effects at all if this helps. It's certainly helped with the high blood pressure.

morrison in reply to Ida-June128

Thankyou for your supportive reply. Decided to start on them this morning.

Been on AMLODIPINE 5mg for several years plus pred for the last 3/12 years with no problems from AMLODIPINE 5mg. Take them its much better than having a stroke or heart attack.

morrison in reply to paulst955

Thank you, that is so true


I was put on this BP drug, the only affect i had was that it made me feel very tired, noticed the difference as soon as doctor took me off them. I am on Ramapril now which are ok although some people develop a cough over time. Its a case of trial and error i'm afraid.

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