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Internal shaking

Wondering if any others have experienced internal shaking in legs and arms when having to stay seated for a long time?

Yesterday I was sitting on bleachers, for a few hours, watching a swim meet when this happened. Three weeks ago I was sitting in church pew at a funeral. It was not apparent to others and I could not see myself shaking-but the feeling was intense/distracting/unsettling. As soon as I was able, I got up and walked around which helped greatly.

Earlier in the disease process, I would have a feeling of a very slight electric current or buzz in my body. Eventually this went away, and usually I feel very calm now.

I think I may be at a point where the PMR is starting to burn itself out. No aches, or pains or sluggish movements. Muscles starting to get stronger, brain fog improving, pred reductions going well. I'm at 7 mg. However, I'm Still pacing myself, get tired at times, and am limited in what I can accomplish in a day.

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Yes, this happened to me several times when on doses between 10mg and 5mg. I did ask my GP about this, it happened when I was with her, she seemed to think it was about weak muscles beginning to work again.

It disappeared along the way somewhere, I really didn't notice it going and although I have been on 5mg for several years now, it hasn't happened for a long time.

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Thank you. I am comforted by your reply.


Hi Meg,

Yes, I get the trembles in arms and hands in the morning after taking my 5mg dose and before it kicks in a couple of hours later, nothing really alarming and not every day, but definite shakes which then just go away. . Your description of an 'electric buzz' is spot on. I'm on 8mg, reducing to 7.5mg very slowly so 5mg in the a.m. and 3mg p.m. which works for me and otherwise I have not much else to complain about!

All the best to you :-)

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Thank you. So much easier to accept odd symptoms with a positive attitude when I know I'm walking the same path as others on this site.



I get a feeling of shakiness inside with no noticeable trembling visible ,can start in legs and move right up the body to my head .I notice it more if I have done to much ,once I sit and rest it subsides .

I was worried in case it was symptoms of a stroke and saw GP who assured me it was not. I have read it can be a symptom of preds .

Best Wishes


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I have had this much of the time since diagnosis of GCA and PMR back in autumn 2015. Saw Rheumy 2 weeks ago who after examination assured me I am having particularly bad side effects of the pred and the internal shaking is one of those many side effects. It is beginning to reduce now but I have it most mornings and after exertion so always if i go out of the house. Worse when I'm tired. I'm sure people don't believe me because it's not visible externally. I could do it with it going away now!


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