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Stuffy nose and GCA

I have also incurred a stuffy noe and sometimes runny for the past 2 months! I went down to 4mg. from 5 and then became sick with a sore throat; 2 antibiotics later and a month of being down, I am well, but continue with the stuffy nose. I have had a slight headache in my temples the last 2 days so I am wondering if a flare is in the brewing or just "life". I am not one to get headaches. I have had TA for 2years, started with 50 mg. and now 4 mg. the doctor had me go up to 6 when I was sick for a week, and have been back on 4 mg. for one week. I thank you all for our testimonies, they sure help answer questions when something new arises.

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As you've had stuffy nose recently could it have developed into sinusitis. I suffered with that years ago - pre GCA, and if I remember correctly used to get headaches with it at times. Perhaps you could try inhaling steam, maybe adding something like Olbas Oil or lemon to cut through the mucus. Sometimes the old fashioned remedies work.


Like DL I'd try the easy answer first - but if the symptoms get worse it is a question for your doctor I think.


I agree with the other replies. I have had a blocked nose for nearly a year and only recently saw an ENT consultant who stuck a camera up my nose and found my left sinus completely full of gunge (not a medical term but you know what I mean!), diagnosed chronic sinusitis, prescribed 6 weeks of antibiotics and steroid nose drops. I also have a sinus rinse kit which you can get from any pharmacy and I wish I'd used it before the condition became chronic. I hope you get it sorted out soon.


Ever since taking prednisolone (two and a half years now) my nose has been dry.

I try to clear it by blowing in the normal way, but it makes no difference at all.

It is dry at all times. Yet another side effect of pred? For me the answer is yes.



I find the same but seldom get a cold which is good! Just steam if it gets too dry & put a little Vaseline in your nostrils as that helps.


Thanks so much! I have not tried Vaseline --- will do!


thanks @ granmma. i sure seem to have chicken livers on my list of really like foods.

but i don't know for a couple of years or more my husband and i have had runny noses. and it has really gotten annoying. and the throwing up is not much fun either. sometimes i think it was food poisoning , but other times it just comes from out of no where. so i thought i will ask the pros. thank you much, love judib.


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