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Some unexpected good news

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I have PMR which was diagnosed in 2009 when I was 54. It's the usual story of starting at 15 mg of prednisolone and decreasing very slowly with sticking points at 10, 7 and 5 mg. I have also had problems with tendonitis, gout and pain around the rib cage. Despite all this I have managed to stay active and regain my former weight. I recently reduced to 3.5 mg using the dead slow method but I began to feel as if I would have to increase again. My daughter recently adopted a gluten free diet after a lot of stomach problems. I also had increasingly frequent bouts of diahorrea which I suspected might be due to Omeprazole. Three weeks ago I decided to give up wheat, barley and rye to see if it would make any difference. Almost immediately the inflammation pains around my rib cage disappeared. I feel as if a fog has lifted, I feel more energetic, especially in the mornings, and less bloated. I can now easily put my socks on first thing in the morning and I can, at last, play a decent game of badminton before noon!

I have read on this site that auto- immune conditions often go hand in hand and now wonder whether this has been true in my case. I don't believe I have Coeliac Disease,but for now I am going to stick to this new diet and the prospect of reducing even further on the steroids looks much more achievable. πŸ˜€

And I am off for a holiday in the sun next week. Hooray! 😎

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You never know - a friend of mine was diagnosed in his mid-50s! There is a blood test but it has to be done when on a gluten-containing diet. I don't know how long after stopping gluten it remains positive.

I don't think I have coeliac disease either - it's a purely wheat problem for me but in the UK (and elsewhere) that tends to mean gluten-free. But although I can tell the difference when I leave out wheat, other grains don't seem to make much difference.

Long may it last! Like me, you'll become expert at reading food labels and get very annoyed at restaurants that have no idea what is in their food! And believe it or not, Italy is a country where eating gluten-free is not impossible!

Thanks for this encouraging story. J

I too follow a gluten free diet though the specialist told me a test wouldn't show positive unless I'd eaten gluten bearing foods for three months. I wasn't prepared to make myself ill again just for a piece of paper though if I had I could have got free food on prescription here in the UK. There is definitely an allergy or tolerance there as if I am given the wrong food I sure know about it. I have to beware risotto as it should have no thickener in it but cheaper places cheat and do it a quicker way using a thickener usually wheat flour.

Is diahorrea a common problem with Omeprazole? I have early morning diahorrea most days and then usually fine. Does anyone know if Lansoprazole is

Less of an irritant? Would love to know as it is not a pleasant way to start the day!!!

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Yes it can be. I had a problem with both and used Ranitidine instead which is fine. Ask your GP to change it for you.

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Hi Pollyanna 16

I had diahorrea problems with both Omeprazole and Lanzoprazole. At one point I could not leave the house!! GP changed me to ranitidine which in fact I Have not used as several on this forum suggested using probiotic yogurt instead of more medication. Think of it like a sandwich - food first followed by Pred, followed by yogurt. So far it has done the trick.

Hope it may be helpful to you too.


Thank you so much I will look into that.

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