I am increasing my dose,

Thank you all in advance for the marvelous answers you will give me. I realized today that I keep thinking that the soreness in my rib cage will go away on current dose of 15. It seems worse this am and am now stiff across my shoulders. I took 1 mg more last night but it didn't seem to help. I took 4 more 1 mg tablets this afternoon so am now back to 20. When should I see some relief? See dr next week and he thinks I will be at 13. Also in reading older posts someone mentioned that while inflammation is raging activity should be at 50 %. Yikes! I read about pacing and have been trying that. Is the 50% comment accurate. Thanks again. Sorry I don't live over there so I could come to meetings. I'm in the US,

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  • I don't think there is a figure - it is what you can manage, and we're all different.

    My suspicion would be though that what you have isn't directly PMR and adding pred may not make any difference, or not for a very long time. It could be costochondritis or it could be myofascial pain syndrome which has developed the trigger points (localised hard knots of inflamed musce fibres) on either side of the spine at about rib level which is irritating a nerve that runs round into the rib area and causing referred pain.

    When I have it I manage it separately from the PMR - usually with Bowen therapy but a good physio or sports massage therapist who can identify the trigger points, if that is what it is, and use manual mobilisation techniques to disperse them.

  • I tried physical therapy for two weeks for neck pain and that is what set my ribs off. Ribs are better today as I got up at 130 am and took my meds. Guess it's time to call the dr. Thanks for your help. Can you address the 50 % reduction in activity comment?

  • I did! "I don't think there is a figure - it is what you can manage, and we're all different."

    If you can do something that you did before and don't suffer - you can do it. If you can't, and end up in pain and taking several days to recover, then you have to work out what you CAN do. No-one is in a position to tell you what you can manage.

  • I see. I was reading the previous response as dosage.thank you

  • Hi bunnymom,

    Sorry to hear you're still having problems, but as PMRpro says it may not be the PMR causing it, so perhaps you'll have to seek further advice. If it's not PMR then you really shouldn't be using Pred as a pain killer per se.

    Lots of us on here don't get to meetings, for despite it being a small island there isn't always a group close enough - which is why this forum is good. However, if you posted the question you may find someone else close enough just to meet up for an informal chat occassionally - that may help you. Worth a try anyway.

  • Thanks for the encouragement. Time to see the dr!

  • I've had four rounds of rib pain in the last few years, three prior to my PMR diagnosis. First time was costochondritis which PMRpro mentioned. Second and third times it was referred pain from a back muscle issue (PMRpro mentioned this as well) and I could clearly associate it with overdoing physical activities. Fourth time I don't know the cause but it was resolved with some massage.

  • Thank you. Was the costochondritis treated with antibiotics or what did they do for you? Everyone here is always so helpful.

  • It's an inflammation that eventually resolves on its own and the focus is on pain relief. If I remember correctly I used high dose ibuprofen pills (800 mg) for a short time.

  • Thanks headed to the dr.

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