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A year ago, my GP put me back up to 10mg pred because my CRP wasn't reducing as it should. It stayed stubbornly high-ish all last year, but I have maintained my pred reduction. Now I might have found an explanation for the raised CRP: last year I had very painful sinusitis, flu and a streaming head cold in close succession and have had a blocked nose ever since, despite various solutions by different GPs. Finally I was sent to a consultant last week and he immediately diagnosed a chronic sinus infection - which I could have told him. I suspect that a chronic infection could push up my CRP and hope that is the reason. I now have six weeks of antibiotics, nose drops, nasal rinse - you name it - and am beginning to be able to breathe with my mouth closed. I hope that now I can stop blaming my PMR for raised inflammatory markers and keep going with the pred reductions - currently almost down to 4.5 on very, very slow procedure.

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My CRP and ESR rocketted up last year when I had a cold.

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Hi Annodomini,

My GP has always said, so many other things can affect the readings, so concentrate more on your symptoms, and how you feel.

Still keep an eye on your readings, which hopefully should reduce once your sinusitis is sorted, but don't rely on them alone to plan your reductions. Good luck with them!

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Too many doctors only remember that the ESR will shoot off the scale with an infection - when it doesn't always, Any respiratory infection in particular will also result in a high CRP.

GPs have a very difficult job - but in my book when 3 of their attempts hasn't sorted the problem to your satisfaction you should be sent to a more expert level. My daughter spent most of last winter off work or working when she shouldn't have been. Eventually she was blue-lighted to hospital with an asthma attack. A couple of chest physician/asthma nurse appointments later - this winter she hasn't had an infection (just as well as she'll be on a disciplinary if she is off before July). The GP was just tinkering at the edges as yours were.


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