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Happy New Year!

I'm just watching the practice fireworks for later - they must be celebrating New Year in the Far East! Hope nothing goes on fire as it is tinder dry all around the forests and meadows which have no snow on them!

Here's a link to our Sylvester/Hogmanay/New Year's Eve traditional viewing: Dinner for One with Freddie Frinton (some of you may be old enough to remember him!)

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Unfortunately yes!

All's well with the world, I'm back in Dorset, with some very stormy seas to view!

Happy New Year.


Don't get washed away!


That made me smile, I also remember Freddie Frinton, happy days.


Can't see his fag!!!


Can't see his fag!!!!!


Tucked up at home with hubby best place for me only stayed out in MAY 1 night wind/rain to much ground to wet to move round safely. Have downloaded films so ice cream at the ready ,


Ha ha, yes I remember Freddie Frinton! What a laugh! I don't recall seeing this clip before.

Happy New Year, hope it brings all you wish yourselves!



You won't have! It was made by NDR, the northern Germany regional TV channel, and is almost unknown in the UK. It was shown one New Year and was so popular it was repeated the next year and soon became a cult tradition! Plans were made to make it in colour but he died just before the filming was to be done. There is now a colour version because they used the grey shades technology to do it with the original.

On NYE you can see it on almost every channel in Germany, starting in mid afternoon and going on until just before midnight. There are versions in German, Platt Deutsch (both just WRONG) and the original English - and everybody loves it!


Thanks for reminding me of this which we saw for most of our 20+ years in Germany. My daughter's now living in Oslo and tells me it's a tradition there too!


Wishing you a happy and healthier New Year. Thank you for all your help and advice

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