Sunshine and Snow

Well, our balmy weather with our status as the warmest place in Canada, appears to be over. Two snowstorms since Christmas, with the added joy of rain predicted for New Years Eve. I shovelled snow for over an hour and my pedometer registered 700 steps. Next time I'm clipping it to my sleeve, not my belt!

Just want to wish everyone a very happy New Year, and improved health for us all! And many many thanks to the kind, knowledgeable and patient people on this and other PMR forums who give us such good advice and encouragement. 🎶💕🎶

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  • Hi HeronNS, HNY to you over there too and don't worry too much about the exercise but I well remember shovelling 10 ton of snow in Ottawa each year on average for my 12 winters there! Good luck.

  • Yes Happy New Year to you too and to those folk who regularly contribute to this site with good advice and encouragement. Thank you all for your dedication and commitment - it certainly makes a difference!


  • Happy new year

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