ALendronic acid

I think I have worked out that when I take the alendronic acid my pain increases. I upped the steroids for 2 weeks with good effect but didn't take the AA either. Took it on Thursday and pain is worse again. And it lasts and get worse. I will discuss with GP but he hasn't really been very attentive and I'm not referred to a rheumatologist yet. Diagnosed in May, now on 10mg.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this lasting effect?


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  • Bone, joint and muscle pain is"one" of the listed side effects of AA. If it were me I wouldn't bother waiting for the rheumy appointment, I would tell my GP I wasn't going to take it until I had had a dexascan to see if I required it anyway - you won't crumble in that time. I took a whole 4 tablets, disliked it intensely and discussed it with a (luckily very receptive) GP who approved not taking it until at least after a dexascan. In 4 nearly years of daily pred at above 10mg most of the time my bone density didn't change at all. That was without AA but with calcium and vit D supplementation. That is what is recommended in the BSR guidelines for the management of PMR which you can view and download here:

    Take it to your GP when you tell him you want a dexascan and aren't taking AA until after it has been done. There are other options for when you "fail" AA.

  • Thanks for reply. I wondered if the muscle pains side effects lasted for the week as mine did? I understood those side effect pains did not last so long.

    I do need to see my GP. Have been managing mostly by myself.

  • I imagine as time goes on they will get worse and last longer. Many side effects will appear when you first start taking a medication and then fade as your body gets used to it. Others will just get worse - and I'd suspect that is the case here. It was certainly the case with the muscle pains I got with a statin in less than a week - they just steadily got worse.

  • The AA upset me, made me ache, tired and depressed. Eventually changed to Risedronate - and I have absolutely no side effects at all - ask your GP.

  • My health commissioning group have Risedronate as First bisphosphonate to take, then AA if there are problems with it. Risedronate caused intense knee pain, and major difficulty climbing up stairs, so I was put on AA. Within 6 weeks I had weakness in my legs, making rising from sitting painful and difficult. I have to press done on the seat to rise off it. The first GP I saw said it could be a concidence, leave off taking it for 4 weeks. The Osteporosis Society advisor suggested at least 8 weeks. Today I've seen the senior partner at my local medical centre as I have developed lymphorrhea and lymphoedema, possibly through taking AA. That GP suggested staying off AA until the New Year, and then see how I am.

    I'm in no rush to take any more bisphosphonates.

  • Oh dear, I don't blame you. I am 56 and menopausal so they are really concerned about osteoporosis - so thankfully the risedronate is ok - but I would rather not take anything!

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