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Ups and Downs

Struggling right now. Long term disability insurance company hasn't reached a decision yet and I'm getting scared about how I'm going to live. Then found out that even though I'm an existing patient my GP will not be allowed (!) to see me unless I pay out of pocket at my visit since they don't participate in my new government insurance. I tried to explain to the GP's practice manager that I didn't want to change doctor's until after my disability is approved and she said "that makes sense, so if you pay $150 when you come in......." I don't know part of I've had no income for August or September she didn't understand.....sheesh. Can't decide if the odd (and I do mean 'odd', not bad, or pain) sensations on the right side of my head are nerves healing from the biopsy that was done 3 months ago or ???? Have to call the neurologist tomorrow and see if they take my insurance.

On the bright side, my son is paying my rent this week so I don't have to worry. He said not to be concerned about paying him back until things are settled. I'm very proud of him, I raised a good man! Also have been feeling more able to concentrate on some of my craft things which give me a sense of satisfaction and could earn me some $$. I've started baking some items with this gluten free flour which doesn't have the grittiness that some do, so there have been some yummy things to eat here.

All in all doing ok, still using the CBD for pain relief. Works nicely for me and I seem to be sleeping better since I started using it.

My parents are on your side of the pond! They're in France now and then off to England Friday, coming home to me on the 13th. God bless them, in their 80's and jet setting!

Take care all!!


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Pam, your post just makes me feel so blessed with our NHS here in the UK, even though it is going through some trials and tribulations at present. I do hope you will have some positive news from your disability insurance company soon - meanwhile, it sounds as though you are blessed to have a kind and helpful son. Lots of good luck wishes.


So sorry to hear of your situation. We have our difficulties here with being unable to get appointments with GPs but yours sound horrendous. I had to pay for 2 private consultations last year because I couldn't get to see consultants and this was difficult on a small pension but nothing compared to your problem. Now that I've had to help my daughter out of her financial problems as her husband has lost his job, these payments would be almost impossible but family members have to help each other, as your son has helped you.

I do hope you can find some way of seeing a neurologist soon; I found the neurologist the most helpful of the three consultants I saw for GCA ; ironically he was NHS and of more help than the two for whom I paid.

Best wishes.

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