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Bruising after my tendon tear

Hi Again, I am now in what I call a 'numpty boot' which is the alternative to having my lower leg potted because of the partial tear to my achilles tendon. I am now 3 weeks post 'fall', if you can call missing the curb edge and going over on your ankle a fall!

However the bruising on my leg is still developing and new bruising still occuring. Currently it extends in patches from around the back of my knee to my toes in various patches of various colours from blue, various shades of red and yellow (I know thats the first ones breaking down).

Can some of this be made worse by the pred? I have managed to drop again from 10 to 9 for the last couple of days as I was doing well on 9, tried for a couple of weeks to drop to 8 and then the 'fall' happend and then that started my shoulders off again, etc etc, so I have been up to 10 again for the last 3 weeks which sorted out the PMR pain pretty quickly.

On the plus side, I was risk assessed for being at work and it was decided that it is safer for me to work from home, which means I can get a lunchtime nap in which really really helps - my hubby cannot understand how much a half hour nap helps - trouble is, im only 49 and am currently feeling much much older!

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Try arnica cream for the bruising - I also use homeopathic arnica globules and I think they make a difference too but before anyone criticises I'm not saying that as a general "homeopathy is wonderful" comment!

Yes, pred can make you more likely to bruise as it probably makes the capillaries more fragile and they break more easily when hit. In some people it also means they take longer to heal - but not everybody. Some people develop those bruises spontaneously!

Of course it was a fall - and a nasty one. I developed an inflamed achilles tendon because I was on Medrol and was given a quinolone antibiotic for an infection: each of them alone can cause the problem, both together makes it far more likely. I realised as soon as the tendon started pulling and went to A&E to get crutches as advised by the GP who had made the gaff. The orthopods there told me that if I only tripped on a kerb that was enough under the circumstances to completely snap the extra-delicate tendon. Which was a big incentive to be very careful and wear my boot!

Enjoy the working from home - I was a freelance translator when my PMR first started and all I had to do was get from bed to the computer. No getting dressed, no morning commute, blah blah... I couldn't have carried on if I'd had all that nonsense to deal with. Tell him it is a power nap and well recognised as an aid to high level mental performance ;-) Which it is.


Oh dear - yes. Pred does cause bruising. Fell down a step three weeks ago and fractured my shoulder! The bruising on my arm from sboulder to elbow is spectacular! That's apart from all the normal small bruises I seem to get.

And of course the shock triggered a small flare - just when I had got to 9mg. So hey ho back to 12.5 for a week to calm things down.

Also had a Zolentronic Acid infusion a couple of days ago. Glad to say no adverse effects apart from a slightly upset tummy the next day

On the good side? Off to the Carribean in two weeks - can't wait


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