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With GCA, timing of prednisone dose when traveling to different time zones

Looking for advice on timing of my prednisone dose when traveling through time zones. I take my dose at 8:30am and if I am going through 6 time zones. Do I take it on original time , 24 hours later , or do I adjust to new time zone. Twenty four hours later would translate to 2:30pm when I travel to Italy. And this time does not mimic the time adrenal gland produces cortisol......also I guess as time goes on my body adjusts to new time does that change things?

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Hi GinnyMa,

When I went to New Zealand over the Xmas New Year period, I worked out in advance what the local time (whether on ground or in air) would be at my normal tablet taking time (hope that makes sense). So for example going outward, my UK time of 8am, would be 3pm Singapore time (my first stop), which meant either taking an extra dose at 8am local time, or going well over the 24 hr period. As I was staying in Singapore for a couple of days, I decided it would be better taking an extra dose, so that's what I did! And again the same thing on the journey from Singapore to NZ, I obviously stayed on the NZ timings whilst I was there (six weeks in total).

Not sure what dose you are on, I was only on 7mg at time. If you are on much higher, then you may find that half a dose will see you through ok. But remember travelling is stressful, so your normal dose will probably be fine.

Coming back was easier, because I was twelve hours ahead of UK timings and only did a stopover at Singapore. So I took full dose at NZ 8am Tues, half a dose at Singapore airport, and then full dose before getting off plane at Heathrow at 5am Wednesday! Seemed to work well for me.

I did feel a bit shattered when I arrived at each end, but I think that was the journey more than the GCA, Soon recovered.

My son, who is a seasoned traveller always reckons on long haul you should put your watch on to local time of your arrival country, and try and follow your normal routine for sleeping etc at that time - as much as you can! Not always possible.

Just ensure you take extra Pred in case you need them, and don't think about reducing either before, during or too quickly after you trip.

Have fun!


Thanks for your helpful advice, Dorset Lady! Just returned from trip to Italy, and on advice from doctor just kept the 24 hour span....8:30 US time and then 2:30 Italian time.....worked out well. Due to taper again, but decided to stick with the dose I was already on until I returned. Was anxious about my first trip since diagnosis of GCA in June, but now I will comfortable when I travel again.

So glad to have found this site......very helpful!


Hi GinnyMa. So pleased you had s lovely holiday and that tablet-wise everything was OK. It makes you feel much more confident to do other things when everything works out well. Take care.


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