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Hair loss on Pred

I want thank all of you who responded to my post about my Gallbladder surgery last week. Surgery was easy with hardly any downtime. My fairly new problem is hair loss. I noticed it started to thin out at 15mg .. started at 60mg and down to 15mg in 1 yr with one flareup. I am on 15mg for over 2 months due to gallbladder and urinary infection issues. Crp was elevated..hopefully will start to taper again in 2 weeks. With all the horrible side effects on Pred during this past year, my hair is the worst. Does anyone know if taking Folic Acid and Biotin will help stop or slow down the hair shedding? Also produce new hair growth? I am going to call my Dr this morning to make sure it is safe to take with Pred. Any other suggestions are welcome.


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My hair went wild when I was on Medrol and I had been shedding hair most of the time on prednisolone too. I did/took nothing and when I was switched to another form of corticosteroid it started regrowing quite quickly. I'm now down to 4mg and it is a thick and long as it has ever been - so it should eventually get back to normal.

I suppose it depends on whether it is just the pred or whether it is male pattern baldness creeping in. Some of it could just be related to you having been ill - hair is a very sensitive barometer of any health problem.


Thanks for your reply....First I am female (lol) and I know it is from the Pred.. been reading a lot about it and it seems I am getting every side effect..I have a long way to go to one day be off this drug. So I am very worried about my hair. I need color in a week or so and I am so afraid. My hairdresser uses Organic products on my hair and I don't get highlights anymore...staying away from the bleach..just using low-lights..for roots and some foils. Have to hope for the best. Do you think Folic Acid and Biotin will help. I have read some good things about it. thanks, bert403


I honestly don't know - even if they do it will take some time. Organic products are still very "chemical" - by no means all the substances in these so-called organic products are organic (some things just don't come organic) and chemicals of any sort don't do hair any good. I accepted being grey over 20 years ago at the age of 40 and it does make a major difference to the condition of your hair. I am now totally white - and collect compliments left right and centre. But I know I am very lucky.

Are you sure you are getting ALL the side effects? There are well over 80 so it could be a rough ride if you are!


I spoke to Dr. about the Folic Acid & Biotin...It's safe to take...I purchased it at Whole Foods...400mcg (micro grams) of Folic Acid and 2000mcg of Biotin. Also searched on internet and people have had good results. Worth a try...just hoping it at least stops falling out. Not ready to go gray...Beauty shop uses "Organic Aqua Boost) I use the shampoo & condition and shop uses the color. No problems previously, just hoping it is still OK. Like you said there must be some chemical in them or it wouldn't work. I know there are over 80 side effects...I already had 20+, but as I come down they go away and get new ones like now the hair issue...Thanks for your input...I will report on the hair issue when & if I see a difference..I would love to help others experiencing the same hair loss. I'm sure it will be a while. Thanks again, bert403


Hi bert403.  I have hair loss due to the Pred, been on it 15 months and hoped things would improve as I tapered.  Down to 7mg now and still hair falling out with no regrowth.  Just did a search and found your thread....Did the biotin supplement work?  Thanks 


Hi Caro12line...It's very hard to say if the Biotin is working.  I am now down to 8mg and I did notice when I got down to 10mg the shedding did slow down and now at 8mg I think it has stopped 95%.  I do see lots of short hairs around my hairline and temples...roots are growing pretty fast, but I think as you reduce the adrenal gland starts to kick in and things come back to normal very slowly.  The texture of my hair is just horrible, mostly fuzz and broken off...I still take the Biotin and Folic Acid also added Vit C (immune support).  Your down to 7 and still falling out....I guess everyone is different.  So maybe the Biotin & Folic Acid is working for me...I have been taking it since August..As long as it's safe, no harm in trying...I do have 2 very beautiful wigs ...very natural, I do wear it when I need to go someplace...Nothing like your own hair.  Try the Biotin and hopefully it will stop falling out.   Good Luck!! 

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Thanks ...  I think worth a try X 


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