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now i have Trochanteric Bursitis

here we go again i am falling apart . I have had hip X-ray as i was getting sharp pain in my hip when walking going up stairs etc it go slightly better something as the day went on (due to the pred i thought)

well the good new is that my hip X-ray was good and no arthritis just wear and tear.

the dr seemed to think it was Trochanteric Birsitis when he press in my sore spot i nearly jump off the bed

he has given me an injection of corticosteric and back to see him in 2 weeks

i am also have blood test for esr and crp and having my dext scan next week i also have unactive thyroid so having that tested as well.

So a huge learning curve since March 2015

anyone have any thoughts of how to manage all this i am still on 10m down from 20mg in march dr said to stay on that level until all results where in

i have put some weight on so i have booked PT who understands i need to take it slowly and i am on a clean eating plan.

Regards Kay

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Kay, it's quite common to experience trochanteric bursitis when suffering from PMR - all part and parcel of having widespread inflammation. The cortisone injection should relieve the pain quite quickly with the effect lasting a good 2-3 months if you're lucky, by which time hopefully it will have completely settled down.

20mg down to 10mg in just four months is really quite a fast reduction, so very wise of your Dr to advise you not to reduce from your present dose until all your test results are received.......and definitely not until all your pain has settled down. Hope it eases soon.


hi Celtic

Thanks you for your quick reply

i don't know what i would have done without this site as none else seemed to know about this!!

its like getting a great big hug from friends who care.



Hi Kay, I have this too. The pain is astonishing but Doc and Rheumy don't know what I am describing. Will wait until it burns itself out hopefully.

Also have hypothyroid since 2003.

Ho hum!


i will let you know if my injection helps


I had bursitis in both hips for some time before I had ever heard of GCA. I had three cortisone injections over about a year but it was physio and pilates that finally cured it. I have also had an underactive thyroid for years after having iodine treatment for an over-active one. Taking daily thyroxine is no problem. Both these problems are simple to resolve in comparison with GCA! Take heart and good luck




If you can find a Bowen Therapist, it is well worth giving it a go. You have to book three sessions, one per week for three weeks, if it does not work within that timescale the therapist will tell you. It has helped so many people with PMR to cope. It is so gentle you would not believe it. I call it white witch craft. Brilliant.


samba thanks i have had Bowen before but maybe have left it too long between sessions

i will now book 3 in row and see how i get on

i agree its like weird


Bowen didn't remove my trochanteric bursitis problem - but it did seem to help stop it returning after it was sorted out with cortisone injections.

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Thank you PMRpro


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