Freedom on wheels

As of yesterday we are the owners of a classic motor home and on 30th will take her out for the first time hospital appointments for both of us next week keeping us at home. This has taken a long time to decide were going to buy last year then my GCAcame along still working on hubby about me having electric bike , things are looking good reductions of pred going well,

Need a name for motor home going to get bumper sticker made for under back widow saying HELLO MY NAME IS------

Time for me to fun

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We have had one for 4 years - love it to bits and it means you can rest any time you need to! Above all - you don't have to lug suitcases around and pack/unpack every few days. Something we appreciate even more after 3 weeks in China in hotels..

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Hi olive,

Enjoy your new found friend! You could have already found the name in the title of your post, how about FREEDOM? Happy Motoring!

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Hi I have had a motorhome for many years, and it has been my saving grace since GCA/PMR came along. Many long week-end s away to help re-charge the batteries, and the weeks in Spain during the winter have been wonderful.


Think I have a name for her May my mum's name she was fun to have around , to all her grandchildren she was Little Nan or Naughty Nan. Iam called Naughty Nan by my grandchildren ,and the way they are growing little is coming up fast


Welcome to the RV life. We did full time Rving for 7 years. We volunteered in state and county parks in Washington, California, Idaho. We met so many wonderful people during those years.

You are embarking on a great adventure. Enjoy the ride. Look forward to hearing about your adventures.

One tip: We tried to not drive more than 200 miles a day on our travel days. This gave us time for stops along the way, and getting to our next destination before dark.



Will be going on time rather then distance live in Shropshire 6cars at traffic light is rush hour very rural area with narrow winding roads traveling 30miles can take a hour so will have to plan well. Have decided rushing is bad for your health it's the only good thing about GCA it has made me slow down


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