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There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Yeeh!

Hi everyone

I had a recall to the rheumy this week (5 days notice) where I was given an injection into the left shoulder (to match the right from 2 weeks ago). The cortisone has sufficiently masked bursitis & tendonitis to enable me to distinguish PMR pain as a separate entity, making reduction less guess work and more science!

I think having a young new consultant with him seems to have done wonders to his morale! Not only did he agree with the slowly, slowly approach to reduction ( I'm half-way between 7 and 6), he also told me not to go below 5mg until I have seen him again in 3 months.

There is light at the end of the tunnel and, with my new glasses, I finally have a chance of seeing it.


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That is such good news! One VERY good PMR person likes to keep his patients at 5mg for anything up to 9 months to allow the body to catch up - and it seems to work. It's such a low dose it isn't something to be scared of. Good luck!


Bev, lovely when the first post of the day is a 'good news' one, especially when the consultant is singing from the same hymn sheet! Good training for the new young consultant with him in managing his future PMR patients! Hope the rest of your 'journey' to the end of the tunnel continues smoothly - keep those new glasses on so that you can see those of us waiting there to welcome you!


Hi Bev

I'm at the same dose as you without a consultant. Trial and error and slow slow reduction. I was wondering how long you had been taking the preds?


Hi Jankie

I started on 60mg pred in April 2013,reducing to 50 after 1 week, 40 after 6 weeks, 35 after 4 weeks, 30 after 4 weeks, 25 for 4 weeks, 20 for 4 weeks then reducing by 1mg to 6mg (when I had a flare- reducing too fast but as directed by a GP). Then had to start again at 15mg in March 2014, down to 7 by November but have only just managed to gradually introduce 6mg (currently alternate days- next week 5 days at 6).

I heard patience was a virtue but never thought mine would be tried so much!!


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Thank you for the info. This site is absolutely invaluable. And good luck with your health all the best Jankie


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