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light at the end of the tunnel


Good News!

I have only posted on this site two or three times, but I've read lots of other posts and I would like to share my good news - I am hopefully free from Polymyalgia I have been off steroids for about three weeks with no ill effects! I started with Polymyalgia around February 2016 after having an operation for torn tendons in my shoulder, I had Bursitis in both shoulders and my hip. Also during this time I had Cellulitis in my face and suffered from Anemia.

I am at long last beginning to feel my 'normal' self.

I would like to thank everyone for their support, I have found this site to be very helpful and informative, I have learnt more about this disease from everyone here than I have from my doctors!

There is light at the end of the tunnel don't give up hope!!!!

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Hi Freddie,you certainly have been through a lot ,but it is great to hear that it is possible to come off the steroids,it will give other sufferers like us a lot of encouragement.Well done.

Hi Feddie :-)

That's not good news - it's GREAT News, Congrats! Success stories are always welcome here, and an inspiration to others - thanks.

Lovely to know that the forum has been helpful - and I agree with you about (some) doctors.

I know that quite a few people who 'recover' from PMR / reach Club Zero Pred etc sail off into the sunset and don't look back (I don't blame them!). At the same time, it's useful for all of Us Lot here to have updates from people like you, even if at a later stage. It reinforces the message that people can not only recover from PMR / GCA but STAY recovered long term. And, of course, we're still around if things don't go to plan...

Thanks again, keep well.

MB :-)

Good for you Feddie , I am not sure that I would recognise my " normal self" if she came up and introduced herself. Glad to know it is in there somewhere. You've had a nasty lot of other ailments to contend with too. Long may it continue!!

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Hi Freddie,

Well done!

Please stick around though, we zero clubbers need to encourage, advise, sympathise with those still going through their trials with PMR/GCA.

As you say, we KNOW what they are going through, most doctors know the theory......that's not the same!

Great news Freddie so pleased for you


All appendages crossed it stays that way!!

Well done Freddie; I last took Pred 10 months ago but still has a stash in the cupboard - just in case. May you continue to be steroid free.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to BirmLiz

Check the use-by date!

BirmLiz in reply to PMRpro

Will do PMRpro. My daughter works in the pharmacy of the local hospital and always nags me to check before taking anything and frequently clears my medicine chest of anything out of date - costs me a fortune but better safe than sorry!

That is so good


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