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Update on my consultancy

Hi everyone i posted earlier that i was going to Blackpool to see privately a consultant named Chattopadayay i went to see him yesterday but prior to going doc did bloods and results were now Normal but i had a terrible weekend with no sleep and head pains in left temple the consultant gave me a thourough examination and feels that its not GSA Temple artritis and feels its more neuro he was very concerned though because in my previous thread i told you i had been laid out to dry Rheumy would not see me and neuro sent appointment for 22nd september so DR Chattopadayay asked me to get my Gp to make a urgent appointment with hi hospital at wrighton Wigan and he is going to do all the tests head scans and the new ultra sounds scan and biopsy and a urgent app with a neuro Doc i still have all the symptoms we pain and head all left side all i want is a diagnosis with what is causing this i was on 60mg pred but presently on 45mg tapering by 5mg a week apart from head pains i am having a terrible time sleeping getting 1 to 3 hours but i think that is caused by preds

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Bob, finally it sounds as though you might be getting somewhere - pity we can't clone people like Dr Chattopadayay, who sounds as though he is going to be very thorough in not leaving any stone unturned in seeking a definitive diagnosis for you.

Yes, steroids can cause disrupted sleep - you are taking them as early in the morning as possible aren't you. Just try catnapping as much as you can during the day to make up for the lost hours overnight.

Lots of good luck wishes.


Hiya Celtic Dr chattopadayay is a good chap was worth the money to go and see him and he is going to look into things i feel like there is a direction now . Yes i always take Preds first thing in morning we some toast and a brew I can lie down on settee in day and sometime drop off for 5 mins but its more like a power nap i wake up after 5mins and feel like i have been asleep for hours it all helps though


Ye it's definitely the pred that mess up the sleep, iwas only getting 2 to 3 hrs a night, but now that I'm down to 20mg pred it's got a lot better, good luck


Hiya Elizcarroll im on a week taper 5mg im on 45mg at moment was on 60mg i cant wait to get a decent nights kip glad you are sleeping ok now good luck to you flower


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