PMRGCAuk London Support Group meeting

Hello everyone - sorry for the late posting - we've had issues with accessing our email and both Sophy and Anne have new jobs so are a bit distracted. Hope this is not too late for people to make plans to come - we'd love to see you!

PMRGCAuk London Support Group meeting

When: Monday 27 July 2015, 13:00 – 16:00

Where: Artizan Street Library

Ground Floor room

1 Artizan Street

London E1 7AF

Directions. It’s easiest to come out of Liverpool St Station via the escalator to the upper concourse and onto Bishopsgate, turn right, cross Bishopsgate at the lights and go down Devonshire Row, then across Devonshire Square, which briefly becomes Cutler St. At the junction turn briefly left onto Harrow Place - you’ll see the Travelodge hotel in front of you - and immediately right into Artizan Street. The library is just past the Petticoat Tower, on your left (it’s not much of a ‘street’ now, more a narrow walkway beside an entrance to an underground car park – doesn't look very prepossessing!).

This is the Google Maps reference:

If you need parking, there are a few meter spaces (card or pay by phone) in Stoney Lane or Gravel Lane – best approach via Houndsditch.

Speaker: Robert Hawkins - Physiotherapist, has been in clinical practise since 1992 working with individuals in all manner of physical pains from acute sporting injuries to chronic conditions. Over the years he has developed a keen interest in managing chronic pain with techniques based on myo-fascial & trigger point release. He also has family members who have had PMR......

Food & Drink: Hot drinks and a few nibbles will be made available. If you need ‘proper’ food, please bring it with you.

Cost: In order to finance the group, it would be great if those attending could donate £5 towards costs.

Best Wishes


London Support Group

Tel: 0300 999 5090

PMRGCAuk Helpline 0300 111 5090


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