Finally, a human Rheumatologist!

I saw Dr. Hughes for the first time on Tuesday and felt much better for it! He really seems to understand the trials and tribulations of my kind of PMR,the one ,as he said ,that doesn't behave itself. He was so much calmer about the levels of Pred. I am on ,not panicking about how to get them lower. He agreed that ESR and CRP are not really reliable ways of working out what to do. He also agreed that a very slow reduction is necessary as I seem to be so sensitive to any drops. He thought that my

really painful knees are probably a combination of PMR, weakened ligaments and thigh muscles and increased weight and gave me some new exercises to do to strengthen the muscles and, although I had had steroid shots in both 3 weeks ago, he put another shot in the left as it was still quite painful. He did that much more gently than the orthopaedic consultant had done, using masses of local anaesthetic.

He gave me lots of information and supported my thinking, confirming that I am doing all the right things.

I have always seen Rheumatologists privately before but feel that I have had much better service this time on the NHS.

Thank you to Celtic and PMRpro for the useful suggestions! I am feeling much more positive now and ready to deal with what more may come.

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  • Hi Suzy, I'm so glad that you had a good experience, and have found a Eheumatologist that you have faith in. Hope the extra steroid shot has you moving around more comfortably. Take care and glad to hear your experience of the NHS was better 😃 xx

  • Hi Suzy 1959 .. I hope you saw my Dr Hughes he is a very caring man .. I had a special lunch after seeing him back in May .After all the years of banging my head against a brick wall with my previous medical team it was wonderful 2years ago when I was introduced to Dr Hughes ..I like the fact that he listens and understands that this PMR journey is a long Rocky Road . I hope you improve soon wishes trish 29

  • Suzy, I'm so glad to hear how much more confident you feel after your appointment with Dr Hughes - it sounds as though both your wait to see him and your journey were well worthwhile. He is the very best in my eyes with his calm and caring approach, not to mention his expert knowledge and interest in PMR/GCA. In an ideal world everyone would have a rheumy like him.

    I hope that with the exercises and the extra steroid shot, you will soon be feeling much better.

  • hi where is this Dr Hughes based

  • Kay, he's at St Peter's Hospital, Chertsey, Surrey.

  • Goodness, that is so near me. I am at Frimley Park NHS Trust, Surrey. Mr Hughes sounds just the ticket, but they can't train people to be caring like that, they are born like it. Hence the rarity.

  • As you can imagine, Dr Hughes is a very busy man - he also kindly offered to be mentor to our support group, and has found time to visit us on a couple of occasions and give presentations on latest research. If we recommend him much more, we'll all be queuing at his door!

  • Could you clone him and send him to the US? :)

  • 30048: Where in the US are you? It's obviously a big place. I'm in Miami, Florida and have had some good luck with doctors. If you are anywhere near, then you might want to have their contact numbers.

  • I am in Los Angeles California and I have had three and they are all about the same. One was even voted one of the best doctors in the U.S. I have learned more from this website than from the three of them combined.

  • I've had more advice than several doctor's from info on this forum. I have a lovely family practice physician and nice rheumatologist but they seem rather nonplussed when I go for visits as far as all the ramifications of this disease. Yes, they are sympathetic but don't seem to realize the degree of disability I seem to feel. It has really changed my life and I don't think anyone but another patient can understand that.

  • 30048

    :) :) :)

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