Long flight help !

Heading off to Bulgaria on Monday , flight about 4 hrs long . Suffering with chronic ischial tuberosity pain in my bottom so v painful to sit for too long . Have donut cushion so that will help . Any ideas for pain relief ? Diagnosed PMR 8 months ago on 5 mg pred and apart from butt pain I'm doing ok , some bad days but can cope . By the way pain in butt was never relieved with high dose pred so prob unrelated to PMR . Any advice is much appreciated !

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Are you sure it is ischial tuberosity and not piriformis syndrome?

Either way - how about trying to get a session of Bowen therapy before you fly? That helps piriformis and I would suspect also ischial tuberosity syndrome. It is worth a try.

RICE is the usual answer to treat the symptoms - rest, elevation, compression and ice but apart from the ice it isn't too practical on a plane!! Or a local steroid injection.

But no - other than that not sure about pain relief. Naproxen is said by doctors to be OK with pred in small amounts - one good dose before flying maybe? And one friend swears by brandy for pain relief - or are you flying with Ryanair?


Thanks for reply....its def Ischial tuberosity been wekk checked . Also have had weekly Bowen therapy which def eases pain for a while. Its just the constant sitting which worries me ! Flying Aer Lingus and have booked the roomy seat ! My friend suggested I take a Xanax to relax so might try that. Im probably getting myself all worked up for nothing ........hopfully !


Have a lovely holiday! I'm off to one of the Italian lakes tomorrow - the forecast is finally half decent. But with our camper van - no sitting on hard plane seats and can stop when I want to (well, husband permitting that is, he drives!). The compensation for living just a few hours away...


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