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OA Knees

After 3 years of PMR, I was diagnosed with OA( x-ray and MRI) in my right knee in December. The pain was awful but a cortisone shot made me feel vaguely human again, albeit with limited mobility still. That shot is now wearing off and , surprise surprise, my other knee is now playing up and very painful too. I do feel that no sooner have I sorted out one problem , then another one comes along. I do think that the OA has come on as an indirect result of the PMR- restricted mobility and weakened thigh muscles , weight gain etc.

I have been told not to have too many cortisone shots because they can do more damage, but they are the only thing that works as co-codamol sends me to sleep and we are not supposed to have NSAIDs. Has anyone got any advice ?

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Come and visit me and get your knees done! My cleaning lady's MIL has had both done in my local hospital and it is wonderful apparently! In fairness, it is a VERY good orthopaedic department with lots of practice with ski accidents. They do hips, knees and bunions in their spare time...

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Hi, also have OA in left knee and shoulder. Am down to 5mg Pred. and take Co-codamol 8/500mg - but only one tablet twice a day. More makes me sleepy as well. This dosage keeps things quiet at present, but I also use various gels - at present Capsicum and Ginger warming cream. Try to vary so don't get too used to any one. Not completely pain free but liveable with. Must admit that losing some weight has reduced pain in knee as well, but that's not easy when painful to walk I know!! Am also try to increase muscles by swimming.

But life ain't easy is it? DL


Hi Suzy,

Sorry to hear you are having such a bad time. It's such a vicious circle, the pred leads to weight gain and muscle wasting which reduces mobility and leads to weight gain and muscle wasting!

The knees take a real pounding every day and to be honest if you are overweight at all the best thing you can do is lose weight and take some of the pressure of the knees ( easier said than done I know! ). Have you been offered physio to strengthen the supporting muscles. Some people ( myself included ) have found acupuncture helpful ( my NHS physio offered it ). Non weight bearing exercise, such as swimming and exercise bike, can help. I don't know if you have been offered an appt at a pain clinic, it may be that something like Lignocaine patches may help.

I hope you manage to find a solution soon.


I use Flexiseq (read up about it on the ARC website). It is brilliant and it is bio-mechanical - which means no drug and no side effects. Works like WD40.

Without it I would be in constant pain from an OA knee. The odd thing is that it has improved the arithitic joints in my hands as well.


Thank you Keyes for your suggestions-it is an ongoing project! I am just trying to get some Hydrotherapy, but not easy to find. I do Aqua aerobics when I am well enough too and a neighbour will be opening up her pool in May so I can use it whenever I want which I am really looking forward to.

sambucca- I have tried Flexiseq and unfortunately it doesn't work for me- typical!!


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