Poetry book and short story competition - raising money for PMRGCAuk

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We're really pleased that Ninevoices, a Kent-based writing group, have decided to help raise money for PMRGCAuk. They are selling a book of Jane Dobson's poems (Jane is a member and a great poet), with funds going to PMRGCAuk. To purchase a book, please get in touch with sophy@pmrgcauk.com

Ninevoices are also running a short story competition, open until May 31st. It costs £5 to enter and the first prize is £100. Again, they are generously donating funds to the charity. To find out more about the competition, please go to their blog at:


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  • If any members of the forum are also members of creative writing groups hope you will forward the information about the competition. It will spread the word to a wider audience about Polymyelgia and GCA and the lack of research. That must be good!

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