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Hi Everyone

I wonder if anyone could help me.

My GP is going to give me a private referral.

I have thyroid problems. and see a Consultant Endocrinologist who also thinks i have polymyalgia rhumatica. My ESR is 25 in the range, the top of the range is 15. I have pains all over all the time, but i do also suffer from autoimmune thyroid disease.

I have in the last four years seen two NHS Rhumatologists one thought it may be polymyalgia but because i can still walk they then said it isnt. The other one thought that my ESR of 25 and CRP of 5 is normal. My GP says he will give me a referral but ive no idea now who to see.

Is there anyone who could message me with who they think may be able to help me as i have no idea who to go to see. I live in Greater Manchester.



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I'm having another despairing moment! "You can't have PMR if you can still walk" . Yet another Victor Meldrew moment for the week.

I'm pm'ing you.


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