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Going better now

Pleased to say my GP follows the same line as that advised by you. Has kept me on 30mg for PMR, and pain is now receding. ESR down from 1.97 to 1.68, and CRP from 39 to less than3. Indicates to me the steroids are reducing the inflammation. Can still feel pain late at night and in morning, but it is definitely much better. Hope to be able to reduce to 25mg in about 10 days time.

Really appreciate this forum.

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Good Morning,Charlie boy? Wellcome aboard. You wont go far wrong if you take info off the 3 forums. I am 12 months into this strange journey and with info taken from these forums I am down to 5mg & 4:5. I have also learnt too be assertive with Drs for your pain it might help if you post how you are taking your pred etc.All the best for your journey Dave


Thanks daveD. I started taking the preds between 2 and 3am, so that, with the 4 to 5 hour kick in time I was experiencing, I could go through the day relatively pain free. Now, I take them between 5 and 6am, and hope to get down to taking them after breakfast. My problem to begin with was they only lasted 18 hours.

So far, so good, and I will heed your advice re the GP, although she has been very good to date.



Afternoon Charlie.have just been for my stroll, sarney time now.I would like to think one off the Girls will reply to your post soon.before i joined the forums i just took what the DRs said as it but now if i feel i need a test for bloods Xrays etc i will push for them, you might get some funny looks from the Dr but as i have learnt how body& mind works.hope you will for give spelling etc i have what we call pred brain.Dont be afraid to post with any problems..Take Care. Dave


Thanks for the vote of confidence - hope you keep on in the same direction!!


Hi, just started on 40mg and seeing GP soon. She did not do blood test for CRP only EDR. I wonder why, now I have read your post. I will ask her. Thanks for this info. A couple of hours membership now and already so much help. Thanks Mr/Mrs website. And Thanks Charlie boy.


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