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Now that’s better


Saw my rheumy yesterday and since I went up from 12 to 15mg of ores a couple of months ago I’ve not really felt any better. Lots of pain in both hips and nagging pains in both shoulders. Anywho after a bit of discussion we agreed I should try 20mg for a couple of weeks and if no better reduce again, however if an improvement noticed to carry in at 20mg for a further two weeks before dropping to 17.5mg and son on. Bone density scan results discussed and all was very good. CPR levels of 17.5 so still showing some signs of inflammation. So what’s the that’s better? Well I took 20mg this morning at about 7am and by 10:30 I thought hang on a minute my hips are not hurting so much! Anyway that’s continued until now, 2pm so fingers crossed 🤞.

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Onwards and upwards is sometimes required... Hope it works!

That all sounds very sensible. I might even give it a month before I began tapering. I would use dead slow nearly stop as well and only drop by 1 mg. I got down without flares doing that. You’ve suffered enough.

Fingers crossed 🤞

Hmm, sleep was very elusive last night. Oh well the pain is still reduced, I'll take that.

Don't you love it when you realize the pain is gone. I woke up in the middle of the night this week and thought..I feel like a normal person. Didn't last upon awaking but oh well.

Hi griggser, I really hope things go well this time for you, you’ve had a really bad run of ‘things not working out’ !

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