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feeling well after holiday

Haven't posted for a while as i have been lucky enough to have been on a touring holiday for over a month. Did wonder how I would get on with the PMR - 9 flights ( some long haul); irregular hours and sometimes getting up very early for activities/early starts and some late nights. Also, holiday food and drink to cope with!

I have managed to get down to 2.5 mg 3 days; 3 mg. 4 days and have been on this dose for 3 months. Decided to stick at this and not try to reduce while away; also made sure I logged the hrs between doses as we passed through various time zones. Always carried the pred in my hand luggage and took extra along in case I needed it.

I was careful about food and drink - lots of water, avoided wheat and dairy but ate most other things I fancied. Managed to swim and walked a fair bit. Only one day when I felt tired out and had to go to bed for a couple of hours. Maybe having warm weather and having exciting things to see and do helped me feel well?

Have continued to feel well since home - maybe after Xmas I'll try and reduce again?

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That sounds really good! Where have you been? Shame this forum doesn't have a holiday photos section ;-)

I bet you're noticing the cold aren't you?

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We went to Dubai,Australia and Singapore. Most of the holiday was touring Australia. Weather was great so it was a shock coming back to the uk.

Still feeling good - even though we have been back for 3 weeks. Hoping after Xmas I can try and reduce the Pred again. Will post to let you all know what happens!


I liked Singapore which was our Oz stopover on the way back - went to Hongkong on the way out. That was good too although the weather was a bit pants! We were in Oz in August/ September so the return to Europe wasn't quite as bad!


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