Pain in upper body

Sitting with my feet up watching a silly movie yesterday morning when pain started in my chest travelled up to my shoulders head face lasted about 10 minutes.Spent rest of day not felling quite right I have GCA don't think I have PMR as no pain or stiffness in the morning. Went to see consultant who did my biopsy to day and told him ended up back at my GP this after noon havingECG ,they found a blip so blood test for Troponin in the morning. I am posting this because so many of us do not get fast action on things that matter this could be nothing in the end and waste of time I don't care I was heard

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  • Hi Olive, I dont mean to alarm you but chest pain spreading to shoulders but particularly left side can be signs of a hear attack. It can on occasion spread to the jaw or face, you need to have an urgent medical review with your Dr. Do you suffer from angina? It is not always the crushing pain some expect, and I have had patients who felt they had bad indigestion, and when we do ECG have been found to have had a heart attack (MI). Please get it checked out

  • Sorry just read the part of post re speaking to Consultant, that didn't show up initially on my view. Glad your in good hands.

  • What I do have is scar tissue at the branch of carotid on left side so pins and needles in arm I just tend to brush off.Under a head and neck consultant to keep a eye on this as was 3mm 5 years ago ,6month's ago was 5mm .Regardless of results GP has said they will be sending a special report to consultant .Due to see him 29th December

  • I used to have very occasional episodes similar to that - it has turned out to be atrial fibrillation which has resolved with medication. The cardiologist is confident it is due to the autoimmune part of GCA/PMR. My ECG has a depressed section which - I quote - "might be because you are female or it could be poor perfusion of the heart". The fancy ECG with ultrasound the week before last proved I am female!!!!! An interesting test I'm glad I won't have to have done again!

    And you are so right - I have jumped up and down at people for the last couple of years: DO NOT BLAME IT ON THE PRED whatever the GP tries to tell you. Get it looked at - and if in doubt call 999 and a paramedic will do an ECG while it is happening. All too often it is episodic and the ECG at an appointment may not show anything because nothing is going on at that moment.

  • Results of blood test are clear so no heart attack or stroke Talking about monitor for a week to get clearer picture seeing GP next week

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