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Feeling very fed up First it was swollen ankles ,,then sometime later nearly 10 years ago got Wet AMD,last year it was GCA and loss of sight in left eye a couple of weeks ago Cellulitis legs very swollen District Nurse coming to dress them by now Blisters one the size of my hand. They tried to do a dopla test blister made them call a halt. Yesterday two nurses came to sort my notes out and do dressing took my BP and called my doctor as it was 212/99waiting mow for another tablet . .Last night I got around to reading my daily paper and came across an article on bottled water asking if it was making you ill .Interesting reading about loss of magnesium it causes a lot of symptoms that we read on here regularly pain .fatigue, insomnia and muscle cramps. All of which I know are common in other illnesses. It also mentioned Ompeprazol as it of ten taken long term inhibits magnesium absorption. The article recommended beetroot pumpkin ,sesame seeds & avocados . It also stated Magnesium also helps to maintain energy levels heart rhythms ,blood pressure and strong bones and is vital . So I am going to increase my magnesium and drop my bottle water intake tap water is better.

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I hope Tweetiepie that you feel better soon .. After having PMR for IO years I have had a horrible year this year and have been struggling with everyday tasks ..feeling guilty that I can't do what's expected of me..I am trying to get things together to go away at the weekend to a lovely River Lodge at Stratford /on /Avon but I'm not doing very well because of the exhaustion already. I decided to have a tea break and read your post and said to myself what am I moaning about ? All through the summer I had painful red legs that started to weep and was putting cold flannels on them particularly at night but I was put back on 2.05 mg Ramipri which seems to help but not a tablet I like ankles don't swell so much though so I must persevere with it . This is a crazy illness and I'm sorry you have GCA as well. I do take magnesium from time to time but find it gives me headaches .. Best wishes. trish29


Thanks Trish its like climbing a mountain but you cant quite see the summit there always seems to be another rock to climb over.All we can do is keep going .I am so sorry you are having a bad year and hope you one step at a time get ready for and have the lovely relaxing holiday you wish for. I put plenty of moisturiser on any art of my legs that are visible .Just had a delivery of dressings from chemist looks like a long job. Take Care Trish will have everything crossed for you and your holiday let ne know how it goes X


Tweetypie it's so frustrating when we are battling to recover from one condition and then others keep jumping on the bandwagon. I'm sure many of us have been in a similar position and will empathise with how you are feeling.

With regard to the magnesium, it might be wise to have your magnesium levels checked with a simple blood test before you increase your supplement, just to ensure that you don't take too much unnecessarily.

The cellulitis must be so uncomfortable but it sounds as though you are having good care - I'm wondering whether the dressings are Manuka honey based, (specially purified) as I've heard of good results on leg ulcers in particular? Whatever the treatment is, I hope it works its magic so that at least you can say goodbye to one unwanted visitor!

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Thanks for reply Celtic The nurses are not using Manuka honey probably too expensive. Will ask the doctor if she can arrange a blood test for magnesium . Great to talk to people who understand the problem so many have never even heard of the illness.


I resorted to manuka honey after months of having the nurses dressing my leg,got to say it did sting a bit but it did help to.But the best thing i have found for swelling in the legs and cellulitis is....and wait for it because it does cost quite a bit is....a sidhil solite 4 adjustable bed,its been my saviour,my legs are so much better,we bought mine new but i've since seen them being sold on ebay at a fraction of the cost of a new one,if you can run to the expense then go for it,mine has been an absolute godsend,the swelling is a thing of the past,my legs have healed,and the cellulitise is a lot lot better to.


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