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Hi everyone,

This is just to let you know that the book "Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis: a survival guide" is now available in paperback via Amazon. The link is

The Amazon website hasn't linked it to the reviews of the ebook, so it would be great if those who have already reviewed it as a kindle edition could go online and copy and paste your review into the entry for the paperback. That would be fantastic! Thanks so much for all your support and encouragement.


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  • Ordered this morning

  • I just ordered your book. However, I am in the States so it will take a while to get to me ( I use regular shipping).

  • Thank you Kate,

    I have ordered your book. Both my husband & I are looking forward to reading it.

  • Hi Kate .I have ordered your book this morning ..I can't wait to receive it and keep it with me at all times. I have referred to my kindle version a lot through my roller- coaster ride this year .. Its comforting to have this information and to know WE are not alone .I have learnt so much about conditions that go with PMR and the medications that I have to take .. Thank you Kate for writing this book . trish29

  • Thanks Trish. That is so kind and so encouraging. I've been really amazed and touched by all the generous feedback. I'll be starting work on the second edition soon at this rate!


  • I have just received your book and will start on it tomorrow. I am so pleased to be able to have some information on the subject of pmr from one who has suffered herself and is able to set ones mind at rest about all the different things that happen to you while going through this trial period in your life. Thank you for giving us this book Kate, much appreciated.

    Joan Quick.

  • Thanks so much Joan! Hope you get well again with a smooth journey through PMR.

  • Bought it !

  • Bought the book last week and read it from cover to cover. Very informative and useful tips to try out especially the aloe Vera juice which I have just bought a bottle of!

  • Have read your book several times Kate and keep dipping in and out for information.

    I have had GCA since Sept.2014 was diagnosed in November 2014, after swopping doctors because mine gave up on me.  I gradually dropped my preds from 40mgm to 1mgm on 11th Jan.  I was then advised to increase it to 2mgm on 22nd Feb as I became depressed.  I have been unable to take antidepress. but St Johs Wort seems to be doing the trick ok.

    I found your book invaluable when dropping preds, but every body seemed to think I would have a flare.  I am keeping my fingers crossed, all well so far and mood good.

    Thanks for writing this book and please keep us in touch with any studies.

  • Hi Betty and Caz, thanks so much for your messages.  So glad you have found the book helpful. I am currently working on the second edition and hope to have it out soon.  Amazon is a bit of a mixed blessing but it has been invaluable for books like this. It's a very specific readership and if it were in a bookshop they would never sell enough to keep it going - on Amazon they can just send out to order, and even the print version is done to order.

  • It was particularly helpful for me at the beginning, and I left it lying about for my nearest and dearest to peruse - think it helped a bit!  Any chance of an index in the next edition?  I wonder if there are now programs that make indexing less tedious?

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